'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: I Owe Brandi Glanville an Apology

Brandi GlanvilleI always write about Brandi Glanville with trepidation. This is because, as a recapper of a reality show, I'm expected to make pronouncements about each cast member as though they are fictional characters, whose behavior I'm allowed to judge, free of censure. This often gives me a case of the icks.

So, I try to remember that however orchestrated the drama, the people are as real and just as fallible as me or anyone else. They just have better clothes and readier access to limos. I only succeed at this 80 percent of the time. That other 20 percent of the time, I'm sometimes way too harsh -- especially when it comes to people like Brandi.

I've always been adamant when it comes to saying that I believe her to be beautiful, smart, and wickedly funny. But I've also been hyper-critical about her social flubs or incidents of foot-in-mouth disease. Tonight's episode makes me feel like hiring a sky-writer to issue a huge mea culpa for her benefit.  

While Kyle Richards randomly celebrated Shabbat and Joyce Giraud showed way too much arousal at firing a gun, Brandi dealt with some real issues. While in Sacramento for a book signing and reading, she faced seeing her father for the first time since their dress-based estrangement several months earlier. 

She brought Yolanda Foster along for support, another choice that I applauded. Brandi revealed a side of herself I'd never seen before, though I'd suspected it was there -- if you've read her writing, it's hard to ignore (she's a good writer, dudes, and effin' funny as hell). Her schism with her dad has really been hard on her, something she opened up about with Yolanda. It really made me understand how much harder not being close with him made dealing with all her other life-strife (#VivaChica). When they tentatively reconciled, I felt an urge to call my own dad. But then I didn't. Because he is in bed by 8. 

Next week looks like it's going to be AWESOME. Calton Gebbia is throwing a pool party, rife with naked lady bodies. Any Carlton episode is one I can get behind. Also this week, Yolanda nearly choked out a man. That's right, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills nearly became snuff television. 

Do you think the show would go on hiatus if one of the wives was accused of murder? I kind of think not! 

Image via BravoTV

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nonmember avatar Lynn

Please Brandi has no class. Was it necessary to use F word in front of her little nieces? The dad had to take them out. She chooses to live the life she does. The dad fight was over her behavior. She needs to own it. Time to grow up . Interesting she did not bring her kids to visit grandparents/cousins.

nonmember avatar kerri

Brandi is too old to be acting like such a trainwreck, no excuse can defend such cruelty she has displayed let alone pride in her classless behaviour. There is a great difference between honesty and acting like a childish 16 year old brat.

NoR_C... NoR_CaL_MoMmY

She isn't allowed to have her sons on camera because their dad won't allow it. Filming that episode wouldn't have worked if the boys were there. Plus maybe it was his weekend and not hers.

nonmember avatar Lisa

Brandi is trash plain and simple.

nonmember avatar Reina

Most of Brandi's pain is self induced. I pity her because she just can't help herself with that BIG mouth of hers!

wendy... wendywendy

I really don't get the love for Carlton.  She irritates me more than anyone on the show, and that's saying a lot.

nonmember avatar Ange

If one of the housewives committed murder, I think the show would go on; it did when one of the RHOBH'S husband committed suicide......that's Hollywood ! Sadly

nonmember avatar Olga

Girl, please...losing a dog and being divorced doesn't mean it's ok to act like a moron. I personally think that Brandi is very skillful at pulling out her "poor me" card when needed.

nonmember avatar Carlina

Can people stop calling her "white trash"? Its racist (her being white has nothing to do with her being trashy)

in other news, I like Brandi to a point but her foot in mouth disease is getting to be a little unforgivable because she is losing people left and right. You can be funny without begin offensive.

that said, the whole fiasco with joyce seems like she was goaded because HELLO it makes good TV. I wish they would replace Carlton with Camille.

nonmember avatar Mery

It seems that the real issue between Brandi and her dad is that she said he was a drug dealer in her book. Nice.

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