Ben Affleck's BIG Secret Has Just Been Let Out of the Bag

Ben Affleck received heaps of criticism when he was chosen to play the next Batman. But one big-time Hollywood producer went to bat for him at the Producers' Guild Awards in a way we never expected. No, he didn't vouch for his acting talent. Or his good loooks. Or his charm, impressive muscles, or broad smile. No, think lower...lower...uh, even lower. Yeah, the Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men producer went there and made a statement that now has the world thinking about Mr. Jennifer Garner's manhood. 

Chuck Lorre was awarded the Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television and, while giving his acceptance speech, somehow found a way to weave in an anecdote about how he had the privilege of standing next to Ben at a urinal during last week's Golden Globes and how the actor definitely has the assets needed to play the Caped Crusader. He then made a reference to a "Ben Affleck chubby."

Oh my. Too much information! I never think of celebs and their penis sizes and when info about one comes crashing into my universe uninvited, I can't help but wish I'd never heard it. I love Ben as an actor and like thinking of him as a family man who keeps Jen and the kids happy. The less I know about his manhood, the better.

Not surprisingly, Ben was pretty chuffed to hear Chuck's statement and handled it like a pro. While presenting the award for Best Picture later that evening, he admitted that he was at the bar when Chuck waxed poetic about his penis, but that it was a nice change to be confused with Michael Fassbender (who is known as quite the well-endowed actor) instead of Matt Damon. Poor Matt!

Are you surprised by the news that Ben Affleck is a well-endowed celebrity? 


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Baile... Bailey8307

Ugh I'm not a fan of this chuck Lorre guy. I think two and a half men is crass and shows a lack of creativity. ( they have to make a lot of sex jokes cuz that's all they have!) That comment would not be appropriate in any other job-related event. I would be mortified if someone referred to my privates in public and I really didn't need to know about Ben Affleck's private parts!

Austi... Austinsmommy12

^^ hahaha I was thinking the same thing.

nonmember avatar sandy

I can see it now: Ben Affleck and Jon Hamm starring in "The Big Endowskis."

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

That man is a horrible actor and does NOT need to be Bathman- They really are ruining my favortie superhero! And yeah I didnt need to know about his manhood either cuz neither is he good looking barf

anono... anonomyssy

Well just HOW do you think he keeps Jen happy?  Duh!

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