Kate Gosselin: Most Polarizing Spokesperson Ever?


Is Kate Gosselin the most polarizing spokesperson ever? The star of TLC's reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 was recently tapped to promote Procter & Gamble's brand Saver coupon book but received mixed reviews from consumers. According to an article in Brandweek magazine, a recent P&G public relations event generated hundreds of responses...because some people absolutely hate Gosselin!
Jon & Kate Plus 8 seems to bring out the Grinch in some people! When I interviewed Jon Gosselin a few weeks ago, I noticed that there were quite a few comments from moms who didn't like the show. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion! But it seems as if people have very strong opinions about the show, and about Jon and Kate.


Brandweek's article gave an example of one of the negative comments about Kate:

Kate Gosselin, the child-exploiter, is a spokesperson for money-saving tips and living on a tight budget?? Well, I'd guess her number one tip would be to start a reality show, which puts your children to work for endless hours because there are no labor laws to protect them in such situations, plastering their faces all over the TV, for any person across the world to have access to . . . and then you and your husband can live off the profits!

If someone wrote that about me, I would crawl in my bed and cry. Why do you think people are so passionate about this family and the show? 

kim61629 asked why people don't like Jon and Kate. There are several groups here at CafeMom about the show: Where's Aunt Jodi (Jon & Kate Plus 8), TRUE Jon & Kate Plus 8 Fans, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Fans, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Debate, and Jon & Kate + 8 Fans.

What gives? Talk to me!

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