Kate Gosselin: Most Polarizing Spokesperson Ever?



Is Kate Gosselin the most polarizing spokesperson ever? The star of TLC's reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 was recently tapped to promote Procter & Gamble's brand Saver coupon book but received mixed reviews from consumers. According to an article in Brandweek magazine, a recent P&G public relations event generated hundreds of responses...because some people absolutely hate Gosselin!
Jon & Kate Plus 8 seems to bring out the Grinch in some people! When I interviewed Jon Gosselin a few weeks ago, I noticed that there were quite a few comments from moms who didn't like the show. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion! But it seems as if people have very strong opinions about the show, and about Jon and Kate.

Brandweek's article gave an example of one of the negative comments about Kate:

Kate Gosselin, the child-exploiter, is a spokesperson for money-saving tips and living on a tight budget?? Well, I'd guess her number one tip would be to start a reality show, which puts your children to work for endless hours because there are no labor laws to protect them in such situations, plastering their faces all over the TV, for any person across the world to have access to . . . and then you and your husband can live off the profits!

If someone wrote that about me, I would crawl in my bed and cry. Why do you think people are so passionate about this family and the show? 

kim61629 asked why people don't like Jon and Kate. There are several groups here at CafeMom about the show: Where's Aunt Jodi (Jon & Kate Plus 8), TRUE Jon & Kate Plus 8 Fans, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Fans, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Debate, and Jon & Kate + 8 Fans.

What gives? Talk to me!

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Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

I don't watch this show --- but I love the fact that you all are so passionate about it. Either you hate them or you love them! I could read this debate for hours!

nonmember avatar shelley Yates

She's just a mean woman. I'm sure that husband of hers feels trapped. There doesn't seem like there is much to like - she's just negative and fake. It's sad because you see in her old pictures that she and Jon looked so happy and in love now it's nag nag nag. hag!

PnMMom PnMMom

I LOVE the show!!! Yes Kate does things that annoy me and yes she could be a little nicer to Jon, but I love them anyway. To a previous poster, I would think that other families with shows make some profit as well. Also, Jon and Kate DO teach their kids Christian values. They are a very religious family but they don't show it on the show as much as they used to. I think that was a TLC decision, not theirs.

I've noticed that people either love the show/Kate or hate the show/Kate and they are very passionate about their opinions. If you hate them, don't watch the show. And like Kate says the reason for the show was to let people see how their family works. Most people are curious about large families, especially ones with 2 sets of mulitples like them. This show gives you a peek at how they function.

And it does kinda bother me that they seem to get a lot of free stuff, basically because I'm jealous - lol. I mean look at the places they stay when they travel! Those companies probably offer them things to get some publicity themselves. But if I were them and people were offering me free things, I might take them up on it too.

toola toola

I've never seen this show but now I'm curious...

nonmember avatar Proud Cannucker

All American do this. Look at Terri Irwin

Candy... CandyMinistry

I love the show .. I love the children .. Their Family is real .. what family doesn't have problems .. If a camera was following you around what would they see .. I know I am not perfect .. and would not throw a stone ...  Praying for their family is all we should do .. not criticize ... them .. I pray God continue to Bless them ..  In all ways ..

Cafe... Cafe MichelleL

I shudder to think what a camera would shoot in my house. Scary!

Cafe... Cafe MichelleL

PS-I am with Amy. I like the different opinions!

ksbon... ksbondgirl

I do see both sides.  How can the Gosselin's pay for all those kids on one salary?  The rule is that there is never more than 3 hours per day of shooting and if this is their way to pay the bills, so be it.

On the other hand, I saw the episode where Jon got a hair transplant "for Kate".  I could care less that my man was going bald.  Horizontally speaking, it does not matter!  LOL!

Acid Acid

I think my hubby looks cuter with his going bald buzz cut.  You just illustrated my point.  He needs to get a hair transplant for her..free of course, because without something to do, they are just another family that refuses to actually do some work.(aside from Jon whom I am sure wishes Kate would get off her fat ass and get a job so that the cameras would stop intruding)

As for watching the show, I don't.  But, when I am flipping through my channels to watch something there is inevitably a Jon and Kate Marathon...has been once almost every week/end since probably last year.  Why, to generate more viewership so that Kate can keep making money off her kids and lets not forget they get paid for the reruns too..every single one of them.  They are RAKING in the cash, and yet still say they struggle.  I'd love to see them actually struggle.  Without the free vacations, free food, free appliances, clothes...god I could go on and on.  One income 8 kids, no cameras, no TLC paycheques...couldn't do it.


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