Kate Gosselin: Most Polarizing Spokesperson Ever?



Is Kate Gosselin the most polarizing spokesperson ever? The star of TLC's reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 was recently tapped to promote Procter & Gamble's brand Saver coupon book but received mixed reviews from consumers. According to an article in Brandweek magazine, a recent P&G public relations event generated hundreds of responses...because some people absolutely hate Gosselin!
Jon & Kate Plus 8 seems to bring out the Grinch in some people! When I interviewed Jon Gosselin a few weeks ago, I noticed that there were quite a few comments from moms who didn't like the show. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion! But it seems as if people have very strong opinions about the show, and about Jon and Kate.

Brandweek's article gave an example of one of the negative comments about Kate:

Kate Gosselin, the child-exploiter, is a spokesperson for money-saving tips and living on a tight budget?? Well, I'd guess her number one tip would be to start a reality show, which puts your children to work for endless hours because there are no labor laws to protect them in such situations, plastering their faces all over the TV, for any person across the world to have access to . . . and then you and your husband can live off the profits!

If someone wrote that about me, I would crawl in my bed and cry. Why do you think people are so passionate about this family and the show? 

kim61629 asked why people don't like Jon and Kate. There are several groups here at CafeMom about the show: Where's Aunt Jodi (Jon & Kate Plus 8), TRUE Jon & Kate Plus 8 Fans, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Fans, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Debate, and Jon & Kate + 8 Fans.

What gives? Talk to me!

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UGH!  people are just jealous!  Not many could really handle twins let alone sextuplets!  I have twins and an older child and boy let me tell you, sometimes Im just exhausted!  I couldnt imagine being blessed wtih sextuplets!

The person who called Kate a child-exploiter sounds just a little on the jealous side to me.  How in the world is she working her children.  There are cameras in her house, this isnt the Hills or Survivor.  Its simply people hanging around with cameras.  My advice to that person who commented "GET A LIFE!" 

If people dont like the show, turn off the tv, its not that hard to do, get off your butt and do something else!

Acid Acid

No one is jealous.  People can't stand Kate Gosselin because she profits off her poor children.  It would be nice if she actually needed to use coupons like the poor rest of us struggling.  But she isn't struggling.  Her husband makes good money.

She gets free stuff from Gap, Old Navy, Roots anything.  Jon Gosselin I actually feel sorry for.  He is such a frigging wimp that he can't stand up to his wife other than to mumble..I sorry honey, I so so sorry.  I am sure he would have put a stop to the exploitation of those poor kids if he actually had the balls to.

mamah... mamaholly1

I think that P & G made a wise choice.

scrap... scrappin_happy

I don't care for Kate either.  I think she is horrible towards her husband.  She treats him like another one of her kids!  She really annoys me.  The episode (not this season) where she hired housekeepers was awful!  So the lady didn't move a table!  Tell her about it, don't fire her right off the bat!  Oh well, it takes all kinds to make the world go around but I know that my personality and Kate's would not mesh!!

Solera Solera

For those who say that Kate Gosselin is exploiting her children by putting them all over tv etc, there are other shows that show families with children as well, and the first one that comes to mind is "17 Kids and Counting", which shows The Dugger Family and how they have at present 17 children (soon to be 18), yet no one is bitching openly about them and how they "exploit" their family on tv, and also Little People Big World (one of my fave shows), they have 4 Kids and are all on TV, yet no one is openly bitching about them either...  So, if you're gonna dig at Kate Gosselin for "exploiting" her children then maybe you need to take a step back and realize how many other familys with tv shows are also "exploiting" their kids...  And yes, I put "exploit(ing)" in quotation marks because I don't believe it is exploiting as most of the other moms do.  My opinion, however meaningless it may be, is that someone thought it would make a good tv show for other families out there to watch and see how families of multiples deal with the challenges of everyday life with that many children, the show is aired on TLC which stands for The Learning Channel, and also on the Discovery Channel, so stop bitching...both channels are learning channels of some form...And as for the free stuff, LOTS of families like Kate and Jon Gosselins get free things from companies etc, and I am pretty sure that most of them wouldn't turn it down...

Acid Acid

The thing is that neither the Duggars or the Roloffs are profiting off their children.  The Roloffs and Duggars teach christian values, they do the work themselves instead of getting people to do it for them.  Both families are real..they have real struggles that are documented on TV.  Kate Gosselin gets everything free, doesn't lift a finger to do anything..she lifts her voice to bitch at her kids, yell at her husband and talk bad about anyone who has ever crossed their lives. 

If it meant that I had to whore my kids out on TV, then absolutely not would I accept free stuff.  Kids today already think they are entitled to free stuff, I certainly wouldn't help my child with that notiion.

Do you wonder why Mady acts the way she does.  Because she is desperate for attention from Kate.  Without cameras and people watching her all the time.  She needs one on one time with her mom.  Jon is such a doormat because he knows that Kate is such a cow that she would take the children away from him if he dared voice is own opinion.  It makes me angry to think she she says more free stuff more money when right inside her own house, her children are slowly self destructing.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

I love watching the show but there are some things that she does I can't stand and I think she is really rude towards her husband.

savan... savannahnhi

Jon need to stand up to evil Kate. She is really rude to Jon. Even my hubby saw that and nothing bother him.

bkbecca bkbecca

I think it is hilarious that so many people who are the "Kate haters" are obviously watching the show regularly.  That to me is so funny.  If you hate the show and Kate so much, why are you watching?  You realize if nobody watched they show, there wouldn't be one.  So by watching, YOU are helping her "whore out" the kids.

That term is also cracking me up!  The women who dress up their little girls starting at age 3 or 4, primping them up like Pamela Anderson and entering them in beauty pagents...... The parents who drag their children around at all hours to casting agents and talent agents, trying to force them into comercials and tv and movies because that was their dream but they couldn't make it so now they are trying to live vicariously through their kids...... Those are the kind of parents who exploit their children.

I love Kate's answer to the people who are so negative about them.... "We're doing the best we can and I'm sorry if you're unhappy."  That totally made me laugh.  And I say good for them for not even entertaining the negative.  If you don't like the show, don't watch.  Cable does offer more than one channel you know.

jandj... jandjsmom67

All I have to say is MORE power to them. If you can put yourself in there places and not need help, then your better than I. You should not judge others before you take a walk in their shoes. Plus God says we're not to judge others he will do that. So I think people should take a step back and examine themselves first before judging others.

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