What Cops Found After Raiding Justin Bieber's Home: A List of Drugs

justin bieberAs you may have heard, Justin Bieber's home was raided this week in relation to a recent egg attack on a neighbor's house. Police had a felony search warrant, which means, if busted, Justin could wind up in prison. Cops were evidently in search of video evidence that would link Justin to the egg incident. 

But, as you may suspect, they found oh so much more.

According to TMZ, Justin had "drugs and drug paraphernalia strewn all over his house" when police raided the place. Cops didn't seize the items, because, as mentioned, they were primarily on the hunt for surveillance footage, linking him to the egging. In other words, poking and prying around would have exceeded the scope of their search warrant.

But! Here's what they reportedly found in Bieber's house.

  • Two large cookie jars filled with weed in plain view.
  • Four to five empty codeine bottles.
  • 3 bongs -- 1 in the TV room and 2 in the kitchen.
  • Styrofoam cups scattered throughout the house that had elaborate drawings on them, including the names of the people who used them. The cups were reportedly used for Justin's drug of choice, Sizzurp (AKA, lean; AKA, codeine cough syrup). Biebs supposedly likes to draw on the cups with markers after using them.
  • Also, fun fact! Sprite typically is part of the Sizzurp mix, but sources say Justin prefers pineapple Fanta instead. There were empty Fanta bottles that were discolored from the codeine strewn throughout the house.
  • "Swisher sweets" cigars were laying around the house -- Bieber's preferred way to smoke marijuana.
  • And, finally, insiders claim that Justin has a dedicated smoking room in his house, hookah pipes and all. It's being reported that when the cops showed up, a few of his friends went into the room and some of the drugs went down the toilet.

It recently came to light that Justin may have a serious drug problem, and some of his people are pushing him to go to rehab. He apparently hasn't warmed up to the idea yet, but let's hope that he does some time in the very near future. If the reports of what's in his home are true, Justin's on a fast-paced downward spiral, and dude needs help now. Think what you want of Justin, but it's never cool when a person dies, or inadvertently kills someone else, because of drugs. Let's hope there's an intervention stat.

What do you think is going to happen to Justin Bieber?

Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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nonmember avatar meghan

marijuana and liquid codeine equate to a "serious drug problem"? the codeine is pretty stupid, but weed is no big deal imho. he is an idiot kid, but honestly there's a lot worse shit he could be doing than that. and i'm still laughing my ass off that a house egging required a search warrant.

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

I hope the kid goes to jail and gets some sense beaten into him.

nonmember avatar nonshopper

Hopefully he'll finally disappear

nonmember avatar LISA

OH PLEASE!! its just marijuana!!!!! At least he isn't blowing his money on smoking crack or shooting heroin!!!!!!!!!!!!

wohth... wohthereturbo

Hookahs are a drug, its a tobacco and a culture thing. Do the bloggers on here ever look anything up? 

nonmember avatar the4mutts

^^^ I agree. Good job to The Beibz, marijuana is a natural medicine. As for the codeine, he probably had a prescription. Get over it.

Momma... MommaCady

Bitchy twat. I wish he would just die.

Baile... Bailey8307

^ Wow. you wish someone would die? That's pretty harsh... The MJ is no big deal but the codeine mix stuff sounds pretty scary.. Hopefully he can get some help now that it's come to light

nonmember avatar J

His house sounds like a pig sty, but other than that...weed??? OMG, no!!! It is legal in several states you know? The codeine can be a serious issue, the whole sizzurp became popular because Little John is a known addict. It's a pain med, highly addicting. But why would cups be thrown about his house? Heard of a garbage can? But I seriously had to LOL at a FELONY search warrant over egging??? Dang.

nonmember avatar C

It's a little strange that if the cops warrant wasn't for drugs and they weren't looking for them, then why did the other kid get arrested? Is weed legal where JB live, is cough syrup with codeine legal. I know the cough syrup isn't because codeine is a controlled narcotic. So why wasn't his happy lil ass not arrested. Kinda makes you think these so called sources don't know jack.

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