The REAL Reason Johnny Depp Never Married Ex Vanessa Paradis

You hear about it all the time. Girl and guy date for years, maybe even have children and buy property together, but decide marriage is just not for them. Wow, cool, you think -- these two are clearly so secure and in love that they don't need their relationship to be defined. Then -- bam! -- couple break up and one or both of them immediately marry other people. What the heck?! This pretty much describes Johnny Depp and his ex Vanessa Paradis' situation perfectly. After a 14-year relationship with the French actress and singer -- who is also the mother of his two children - Depp is marrying Amber Heard. And we've finally got the goods on why he never put a ring on Vanessa's finger

The 50-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star told Extra

I never found myself needing that piece of paper. Marriage is really from soul to soul, heart to heart. You don't need somebody to say, okay you're married.

Johnny hinted at the fact that Vanessa was actually the one who opposed marriage -- a fact she has admitted -- by adding, "If Vanessa wanted to get hitched, why not. But the thing is, I'd be so scared of ruining her last name. She's got such a good last name." 

The first part of that quote -- great. But the last part -- just lame. It's very possible Johnny and Vanessa had such a good thing that taking that additional leap wouldn't have changed their relationship one bit. You certainly don't need to get married to have a fulfilling love life. But, given what he's saying about Vanessa, aren't you dying to know WHY he chose to propose to Amber? 

Is it possible that, at 50, Johnny now feels like the "piece of paper" he previously dismissed offers him that sense of security when marrying 27-year-old Amber that he never before felt like he needed? Or maybe Amber is an old-fashioned woman who would like to be married and have children with Johnny? If that's the case, I think it's sweet and honorable that he is agreeing to do something he doesn't feel is necessary in a relationship.

What do you think? Do you believe Johnny's reason for not marrying Vanessa?


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nonmember avatar Lala

Amber+Depp+marriage=Amber $$$

Vanessa has enough of her own to take care of herself.

Avi Val

It's pretty clear to me that it was Vanessa the one who didn't want to get married. Johnny has never been opposed to marriage, on the contrary, he seems to be a total "marriage-enthusiast". He was married when he was almost a teen and after he did propose to every one of his girlfriends with the exception of Kate Moss (and in her case, it's said they broke up precisely because Kate didn't want to settle down) and Vanessa. I don't doubt Johnny is in love with Amber and maybe, he just found the right woman to propose and the right moment for her to say "YES, I DO" 

nonmember avatar Susie

Who's this Amber woman, not so famous but...i agreethis woman only want his famous and$$$

eclaudin eclaudin

I have never heard of this Amber chick before. So I looked her up. She's very awkward looking and all of her clothes are ill-fitting. But Vanessa Paradis looks like an alien, so I guess Johnny just has a thing for proposing to odd looking, obscure actresses. They'll never actually make it to the alter anyway.

Vanessa Fasanella

A lot of times men try to correct the mistakes they make with their first wife or partner with the second one. Sounds like a classic case of that here.

Caroline Gauthier

I just can't stand that man that think his a gift to woman !!! IT'S A YARK FOR ME j.depp

nonmember avatar Marcellus

Vanessa Paradis has fallen pregnant 2 months after she has known Johnny Depp. It is very fast !
I live in France, and believe me, thanks to her relationship with Johnny Depp, she became a real star.
Amber Heard has not fallen pregnant fast to keep Johnny Depp.
She is not with him for money, or career.
Johnny Depp never wanted to marry Vanessa paradis because he knew she just wanted to use him to have a great life, but now, it's over.
He stayed with her because of children.
Now, he want to marry with his real love, Amber Heard, and he is right.

nonmember avatar Pepe

Marcellus: Vanessa Paradis was a established singer, actress & model even before meeting Johnny Depp. If anything, her career slowed down (in terms of albums & movies) afterwards. Fortunately, she's back on track.

nonmember avatar Anna

Vanessa only got a chance with JOhnny because he was desperate to start a familiy and Kate Moss didn't want to have his baby.

Amber Heard is pretty wealthy herself. She won't starve without Johnny.
My guess is that she wants to found a family with JOhnny and it's not uncommon
that you marry before you have children.

Johnny looks very happy these days-they seem to get along very well. So good luck for them!!

nonmember avatar Tanya

Vanessa Paradis was VERY famous before meeting Depp. So she didn't use him to become rich or famous.

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