'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Series Premiere Recap: They Aren't Rich & They Aren't Kids

boobs and loubs So...Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. I came into this show with a massive, working-class chip on my shoulder. Here I am, in the cardboard box where I live, required to watch a television program about entitled West Coast jerks and then write about it in order to pay for the soggy fritters on which I subsist. It wasn't fair. E! didn't help things much. They've handled the naming, branding and marketing of the newest addition to their reality roster poorly. Bravo's got this nailed E! -- you best leave the field.

The stars of the show aren't rich -- but their parents are. They also certainly aren't kids, as the youngest cast member claims to be 25. The show isn't about the duo-protagonists (the inadvertently charming Dorothy Wang and funny-in-spite of herself blogger Morgan Stewart ) being inane and thoughtless in Beverly Hills, though that's certainly an aspect. 

It's about a bunch of self-obsessed, anxious, and controlling people who can't put their phones away. If I wanted to watch someone fret about life while instagramming their shoes, I thought, I'd turn off the T.V. and go stand in front of my full-length mirror (#IDONTLIKEMYSELFTHATMUCH). There was substance, but the show did everything it could to skim the surface. The soundtrack of "social media and cellphone noises" throughout helped. And by helped I mean drove me to near madness. 

I was quietly baffled by the central plot point of the episode. Dorothy and Morgan host a blood drive. Dorothy gets in a massive fight with her friend Jonny. As a gay man, he doesn't want to support blood donations, because they discriminate against gay men. I leaned forward from my prone position, huddled in dirty shirts on the floor of my box: Was I about to see a serious conversation about homophobia and the innate economic complexities of blood donation? (True story: The blood you donate is SOLD to hospitals. That's because altruistically donated blood is healthier than blood for pay. Let's reflect on THAT!) 

Just when I thought I was in, they pulled me back out. The argument was quickly dropped. Jonny did a 180 and apologized...for expressing a salient, interesting dilemma. Everyone ate cookies, and EJ Johnson looked great. But he always does. I found Morgan exceptionally engaging, but if the show's premiere plot point is about charity work -- is there hope it will be less boring in the future?

What did you think of the first episode?


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nonmember avatar mel

You should be happy to write this blog and watch a TV show. What you wrote made me not even want to read it.

kissa... kissandtell

Sounds like trash. I'd watch the Kardashians before I'd watch that.

nonmember avatar Terri Cooper

I wanted to like the program but the Chinese girl talked with a baby voice and she is clearly no baby. It was so annoying that my husband went to the bedroom to watch something else because he said "I can't listen to her". And the girl Named Stewart mentioned her boobs like ten times, just way too into herself. And lastly if opening a wine bottle is "the hardest thing in the world* how could they survive if they had to live in the real world. Overall the show is lacking in substance, and if the party scene is really how the rich party then I would prefer to stay middle class. Peace

there... theresaphilly

I watched it with my family and the first thing that came out of my 12 year old son's mouth "those people are not kids, they are old grown folks like parents." He was right, I knew they were living off their parents money, no biggie their, but the ages, 25 and older. What the What. 

ninag... ninag1980

I openly enjoy mindless television and am the first to admit I was excited to watch rich kids of BH.  Unfortunately, this show was crap.  I couldnt stand anyone.  That blond girl talks way too fast and way too much,.  I'm pretty sure she has AADD.  Its also annoying when rich people brag about what they can buy, especially when they didnt earn any of it!!  Its one thing to work hard for nice things and then show them off.  But to go on national TV and act like entitled spoiled adults makes these girls unlikable.

Maureen McGarry

The show sucks.  I couldn't deal so i turned it off after watching the premiere of the Kardashian's.

nonmember avatar Kim

Sounds like the new show, Southern Charm, which claims to be about people from Charleston. However, only one person on the show is from Charleston and only a couple are southern.

Ivan Jimenez

I honestly couldn't believe what I was listening. the blonde-dumb-notsobigboobs was comparing herself to a woman from kenya, the chinese girl dropped 10k on tips for that party, and the middle eastern girl dropped 500k on shopping. The best of the show? The blonde guy boyfriend, who looks and acts "normal". The cellphone noises and all the hashtags looked solo cheap, but oh well.

sassy... sassykat122

i just really have no interest in watching this show. These people have almost nothing in common with me. Even the real housewives manage to be relatable while giving us a glimpse of glamour

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