Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Finally Taking Care of Wedding Business

kim kardashian kanye west paris 2014While Kimye may not actually be getting married at the Palace of Versailles as rumored back in early December, it's looking more and more like they very well could be planning on tying the knot in France. Just yesterday, Kim flew across the pond for a brief meeting in London before continuing on to Paris to meet up with Kanye, who had been attending Paris Fashion Week events solo. While the pair have work on their agenda, so is wedding planning, a source confirmed to E! News exclusively.

"They are going to spend a few days looking at wedding venues in and around Paris. They are also going to do some shopping. They are really excited to find the right place for their nuptials. They are looking at a summer wedding," the source explained.

None of that is exactly hard to believe. In fact, it's possible this "source" is just about as informed on the situation as anyone who watched Kim's interview on Ellen!

On her Friday appearance, she pretty much divulged the very same details about her upcoming "I do"s:

It will be this summer. Somewhere out of the country. We honestly haven't picked a date yet. We said when we were on our trip skiing this New Year's that we were going to pick the date and location, and that hasn't happened. We know we want it in the summer time, but we just [have] to figure that out.

Well, the pair IS "out of the country" right now ... And if they're really motivated to nail all the specifics down -- which must be the case, because, come on now, this is Kanye "PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!" West we're talking about -- I'm sure that's exactly what they'll be doing this week. Seems like it will only be a matter of time before we're hearing exactly when, where, and how little North's mom and dad plan to become Mr. and Mrs.

Do you think Kim and Kanye will end up getting married in France?


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kmjmlj kmjmlj

Fake people getting married. It won't last long. Hello these "people" aren't news worthy.

Yolie Scott

As I have said numerous times = Who Cares!

adamat34 adamat34

Good let the French deal with them.....

David B Cordick

is there anyway we can keep them from coming back? so sick of these pigs, everyday its more useless crap that only the very ignorant care about. I don't watch their show, but I like to read the little blurb write up about their next show. it is the most idotic crap every time. not only is it hard to believe that people watch this retarded family, and their petty lives, but how long it has actually been on the air. television has come a long way from father knows best and shows like that, to these reality shows. are people so stupid now that they actually these shows are real. people trying to survive in the wild, of course they also have a crew their for sound and cameras. you know there not eating the crap shown when the cameras are turned off.

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