Justin Bieber's Rumored, Dangerous Drug Abuse Can Only Mean One Thing

justin bieber instagram selfieIn addition to headlines about wooing Selena Gomez back, egging his neighbors, and having a friend who was just arrested for drug possession, the latest in face-palming Justin Bieber news is that the 19-year-old's life may be at risk if he doesn't get to rehab soon. Not only is he allegedly taking prescription drugs like Xanax, smoking marijuana, and drinking, but Bieber's hooked on sizzurp, multiple sources told TMZ. The dangerous drink, also called "lean,"  is usually a mixture of promethazine, codeine, Sprite, and a Jolly Rancher, and has been known to cause seizures. (Lil Wayne's seizures last year were rumored to be linked to sizzurp.)

Supposedly, the only silver lining here: Biebs does NOT do cocaine and has never done it in his life, reports TMZ's sources. Well, wheeew -- what a relief.

Of course it's not all! Because what comfort is that when everything else here he's allegedly messing around with sounds plenty toxic and potentially lethal?

At the very least, people around him are well-aware of the serious dangers Biebs could be facing if he doesn't get clean. Apparently, a number of people, including friends, are very worried and have urged him to get help and go to rehab. HollywoodLife.com reached out to Justin's reps, who had no comment.

But if there's even a grain of truth to these reports, let's hope his reps have plenty to say to Justin himself. Because it sounds like the kid could be in grave danger if there isn't a successful intervention ASAP.

Do you believe these reports and think he needs help?


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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nonmember avatar flood1971

They come, they go. Who cares?

lacie... laciesmiles

Yes he is totally headed to trouble and he doesn't care. As long as his name is out there that is all he cares. Kind of like what's her name on that ball? You know the one with the tongue that does not know where it belongs and the very lack of clothes .....

nonmember avatar Alice

@flood1971... you may not care about him as a music act, but he is a human being, you could at least show some compassion.

I am truly worried for JB. He's a very talented kid, who has gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd and he is going down the wrong path at a rapid pace. Hopefully someone can get through to him, and he can come out on the other side of this okay. He has too much potential and talent to throw it away for drugs. So many celebs have gotten help for their issue... Demi, Britney, Zac Efron just to name a few. There is no shame in getting help when you need it. Take care of yourself, Justin!

Debra Anne Durham

I hope this is not true .. he is such a cute guy with so much going for him...

Punch... Punchyobuns

I don't wish ill on any person, I hope that if needs help that he gets it. However, he seems like a really bad person that needs to change his life drastically before anyone would WANT to help him.

A-non... A-nony-mous

I don't purposely wish ill on him, but at the same time...I have a hard time caring. How many young Hollywood stars have overdosed and died? How many others have overdosed and come close? If people continually die doing something, most people are smart enough to avoid that activity. If people like these young idiot starts are too stupid to curb their drug use then I'm sorry but I'm not going to expand a lot of [spiritual]/mental energy worrying about it or praying for them. If they don't care about their own lives more than they care about a bottle of 'sizzurp' or line of coke, why should anyone else? I'll care when they care and start to act like a human being again instead of like a spoiled, entitled piece of shit drug addict by choice.

nonmember avatar Donna Poag

I lost my 22 yr old son to accidental overdose of LEXAPRO, XANAX & RED WINE. Similar situation with the DUI as Justin Beiber and I can tell you he is definitely headed down a DEADLY path! Get him into LOCK down somewhere, away from all people and EDUCATE this child and TOUGH LOVE!!! Save his life not his career right now!
PRECRIPTION DRUGS & ALCOHOL are LETHAL! We are loosing too many young people to this......PLEASE help this child!! The loss of a child is the most painful thing a parent can ever go through!!

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