Jennifer Lawrence's Parents Did WHAT at the SAG Awards Red Carpet?

jennifer lawrenceIt's just so darn cute when celebrities bring their parents along to award shows and Jennifer Lawrence is just so darn cute no matter what she does. Add parents and you have adorable overload. For the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards show happening tonight, J. Law brought along parents Karen and Gary who came from Kentucky to hit the LA red carpet.

Dad Gary gushed about his 23-year-old Hunger Games star daughter, "I'm so proud. I feel like I've got the Secretariat in the Derby." J. Law's mom, however, took things to a whole other level. There were tears, and more tears, and she couldn't stop crying.

"I just can't stop crying," Karen said. "I don't have anything to say because we'll embarrass her. We always do!" But then she went on with tears in her eyes:

I'm so proud because she's remained who she is throughout this whole process and it hasn't changed her. That's what I'm proud of. I don't care whether she wins or loses necessarily, but because she won and she's stayed strong and true to herself, that's what makes me proud.

"Mom, stop crying," Jennifer laughed, once again covering her face. "God, this is embarrassing."

How sweet is this? Her parents have such pride -- as they should -- and we know straight from her mom's mouth that Jennifer is as genuine as we hoped she'd be. As for Jennifer's obvious discomfort with her parent's emotions ... I think it's only natural. Even though she's 23, I'm way older and my parents still embarrass me ... in the best way possible.

What do you think of how Jennifer's parents reacted on the red carpet? Do your parents still embarrass you?


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sweet... sweetcherry_59

I think her parents are adorable and it just makes me love her more. 

On another note, that dress is awful. Makes her boobs look's a cross between a bad Halloween costume and a Christmas nightie. 

nonmember avatar me

What sweetcherry said. Shes amazing, im sure her parents are too, but that dress? Not the best pick. And my parents? I think I came out of the womb being embarrassed by them lol after I hit about 25 I got over it

Sandy Castor

THE ONLY TIME (and it happened everydate I had) was Mom would walk us to the front door,and give  me a goodbye kiss with each date. At times I was  embarrased, but   my date always thiught it was cute!!!! xoxoxoxolesbians

BatMom. BatMom.

She's a lucky lady. Her parents seem so amazing.

No judgement on the dress, unlike some folks.

nonmember avatar TotesMcGoats

It was the 20th annual SAG awards. Btw.

nonmember avatar Mary

That dress and story is from last January 2013. Not this year. BTW

Lindsay Church

This story and this dress is from the 2013 SAG awards. You're a year behind.. haha

Lucille DiBiase

What do I think of Jennifer Lawrence's parents crying over their daughter's win at the SAG awards--she so deserves every award she gets. She is a terrific actress and a wholesome human being that truly deserves it. As far as the dress, anyone who comments on it is truly jealous of her beauty that she is able to pull anything off and still be a beautiful human being.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

Jealous? Um...sure. Just because she's beautiful and talented doesn't mean she can pull off something that clearly doesn't fit.

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