'50 Shades' Fan Trailer Has Plenty of Christian Grey Shirtless Scenes (VIDEO)

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The Fifty Shades of Grey release date is set for February 13, 2015 -- right before Valentine's Day, y'all -- and that is a looong ways away for diehard Fifty fans. Hence those fan-made trailers that are making the rounds on YouTube. While all of them give a glimpse as to how Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will combine on screen in their roles as Christian and Ana, some give more of a glimpse than others. This one actually has them lying in bed, presumably post-coital. How'd it do that?!

This video, made by Olga GOA, and taken mostly from Jamie's Dior commercial, gives a pretty good idea of what Christian and Ana will look like when they get rolling in the sack. Good thing Jamie did so many near-naked commercials or who knows what fans would have worked with!

The subtitles on this one aren't exactly gramatically inspiring (i.e. "But this world kept dark secret ... In emotions he was so closed inside"), but hey, I guess if you're a Fifty Shades fan, you probably didn't tear through the books for the grammar anyway.

The kind of creepy part (for me, at least) is when the titles go on about how Ana changed Christian, "made him more sensitive," etc. I tend to come from the pragmatic world of there's nothing you can or should do to help make a psychopath more sensitive, but hey, this is fiction. Let's have some fun! Right?

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That said, the scene where Jamie and Dakota are lying in bed together ... either that guy is just a guy who looks just like Jamie, or there was some interesting Photoshop trickery going on here. The angsty music is a good overlay too.

Check it out:


Does this make you hot to see the movie?

Images via OLGAGOA/YouTube

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adamat34 adamat34

Seems like a gucci cologne commercial

Krystian Kaufold

Sorry but I couldn't watch more thne 30 seconds of it..

Considering it didn't have ANY scenes from the movie/book...and that damn music is horrid.

Liz Young

Can you imagine Ian Somerhalder doing those scenes?

Kristine Pacyna Urban

obviously English is this person's second language as well.

nonmember avatar Brasselk

Shouldn't they try to make markets like America aware that the book exists before writing and publishing such a book that actually supposedly takes place within America? Wouldn't that be the smart thing to do? And making a movie of it is just plain stupid! Brits are so retarded!

nonmember avatar Mary

I love it! And I love these two together. It's a shame people are so annoying and negative... Not gonna get every actor you want for these roles

Trudy Ellis

So disappointed in the final choice for Christian!! Huge fan of the books but he just doesn't come close. Then again could anyone, really??

Edxon Flores

Ese es el problema cuando a un buen libro lo hacen pelicula. Siempre omiten partes importantes y eligen de manera apresurada a los personajes, destruyendo todo rastro de lo que nos marco al leer los libros!:/ 

Sheyla Rabelo

Not at all impressed! Disappointed more like it...

Anna Carlsson

Oh My good... This is wrong.. This NOT Ana and Christian.. Shame on E L James shame on you.. This is not hot

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