Kim Kardashian's Story of Why Kanye Beat Up Teen Is Falling Apart

Kanye West might be in major trouble for beating the bejesus out of an 18-year-old jerkoff who was overhead hurling a racial epithet at his beloved baby mama Kim Kardashian -- but it was Kim who tried to claim she was essentially acting in self defense when she called up Kanye Fist to come save her. She reportedly claimed that not only did the guy call her the despicable epithet "n***er lover" but that he also said "I will kill you, slut." NOT nice. But did he really take it to that extreme? RadarOnline says probably not.

The gossip rag, which has some good sources, or at least some sources who practically claim to know exactly what happened, say that no witnesses have been able to corroborate Kim's view of events. Kim apparently said that he "threatened to kill her, and she was fearful for her life" -- which would explain calling up her fiance instead of 911, I guess -- but that the witnesses never heard the threat.

The source says:

There are no witnesses that can substantiate Kim’s claims that heard the threat. Kim hasn’t filed an official police report yet, but it will be very interesting if she does, because cops want to question her about what she saw and heard when Kanye entered the office, and allegedly began hitting him. If Kim was in such fear for her life, why did she call her fiancee and not the cops? She could have -- and should have -- done that instead of Kanye seeking some sort of vigilante justice.

I suspect Kim didn't call police because she's so accustomed to a guy -- or her mom -- rushing in to save her and protect her. If Khloe had been around, she probably would have called her. Seriously, Kim, you can't deal with some douchewad yourself?

I also suspect that Kim got a little thrill watching her man beat someone up -- a theory backed-up by sources who claim she is running around calling Kanye a "real man" for kicking some ass.

Kim must be accustomed to all kinds of haters by now, it's amazing she hasn't learned how to deal with them. And now Kanye could get put in jail over what was essentially a lie on Kim's part. Who knows, maybe Kanye would have gone after the kid anyway given his language -- but I suspect Kim upped the ante with her story of being threatened.

Do you think Kim is telling the truth?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram




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adamat34 adamat34

Of course she is lying. I hope they charge her for filing a false report if and when she files with the police. Classic narcissism to believe your own lies and expecting others to collaborate you bs. He needs to be in jail.

These two are disgusting, why wasnt he arrested pronto??? Anyone else would have been.

nonmember avatar Kuntye Worst

Kanye West suffers from ABG (angry black guy)syndrome.He wouldn' t dare pull any of this crap with someone who could turn him into a battering ram.So he picks a mouthy teenager (easy target).Get that couple a pair of orange jumpsuits already.


Agreed ^

Paws84 Paws84


nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

I thought her story smelled fishy from the start.

there... theresaphilly

That kid is going to sue Kanye's ass and win. Regardless as to what someone is saying to you, you do not have the right to put your hands on them. I understand kicking the kid's ass, but you have to use common sense and act appropriately. Don't these celebs know folks are looking for ways to get them caught up in something so they can catch a case? 

Janet Minutolo

I wish they would have their career ending embaressmant and go away. A real musician would want to be know for his craft, not for his personal business. And I don't really know what she is. But she is a mother, and obviously not appreciating the greatest gift she could have.

nonmember avatar ruth

I don't get why its OK for any person..let alone an arrogant jerk celebrity thinks they can just go up and punch people. It doesn't matter what they say to's against the law to randomly enter a room and start hitting anyone. He's gonna pay $$$! Haha

LoveM... LoveMeChain

Did the guy deserve to get his ass kicked? For sure. But I don't think he made threats against's Kim's life because she would have already made a police report.

nonmember avatar Chafeegurl

These girls, Kardashian included are dirt hags. KK is ugly in my opinion. Ever see her rear end? She has more cellulite than a morbidly obese individual. LOL!

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