'50 Shades' Fan Trailer Is a Taste of Just How Steamy the Movie Will Be (VIDEO)

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jamie dornanCompared to the total drought of legit eye candy fans faced for MONTHS before Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting and shooting, it must feel like a smorgasbord now -- what with the slew of behind-the-scenes sneak peeks out of Vancouver lately! But no stills or even paparazzi footage can stand in for an old-fashioned, solid trailer. We want to see how Jamie and Dakota's chemistry comes off on the big (or even small!) screen! Hence why various fans have taken to creating their own previews for the film, cobbling together steamy clips from the actors' previous work.

Admittedly, some of these fan trailers are better than others. Right before Christmas, we were treated to a superbly done one by YouTube user JLongbone. Now, another by Din Pernville is getting fans all riled up. Check it out ...

Warning: Video and sound may be NSFW!

Okay, so it's not the most polished fan trailer we've seen, but I'm loving the faux, voice-over dialogue with actual lines from the book! That's taking it to a whole new level we haven't seen yet. Hot. And while I'm sure plenty of lines from the book are going to be cut in the screen adaptation, that warning Christian gives Ana is one we can most definitely bet is going to make it in!

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What a shame this is just a tease. But hey, definitely a sexy hint at what's to come when finally all the scenes they've been shooting on the streets of Vancouver can make an official teaser trailer the crowd is sure to go wild for!

Do you love watching these fan trailers or are you losing your patience to see the real deal?


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Krystian Kaufold

She MIGHT be okay, but I doubt it. 

Him on the other hand, nope, no way, Charlie Hunman shouldn't have ever quit. Or they should've found some one else to fill his role, not this kid...

Hunny... HunnybearSG

Ugh... Neither of them fit their characters at all! Who the hell did the casting? He looks nothing like the description of CG and Anastasia was NOT blonde. Kate is blonde. Anastasia is supposed to be "mousy brown". I was really looking forward to the movie, not so much now.

Joanna Ferreiro

I love JLongbone's trailer. Until the actual movie trailer comes out,J's is my fav ;)

nonmember avatar waiting4u

i liked the video. cant wait for the original trailer...until then some of these fun trailers are yummy:)

Krystian Kaufold

Okay so I actaully watched it with my sound up....

It would've been nice to HEAR the damn voices, but all you could hear was the lousy music. 

This movie is going to be an epic fail.

nonmember avatar Crystal

I didn't like it!! They could of done a better job...I'm looking forward to the movie but if it's anything like the trailer then there in trouble!

nonmember avatar Karen Higuera

How can you predict the movie is going to be an epic fail simply from watching a 2-min video made by a fan? The scenes used in the video are from other roles the two have played and are no way connected to the actual movie being filmed.

Lighten up, people. Everyone connected to the movie says things are going great. Check out some of the actual footage that can be found on the internet and you will see for yourself.

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