The Numbers Are In: 'Duck Dynasty' Is Doomed

Phil Robertson and FamilyThings do not look good for Duck Dynasty, you guys. Although A&E allowed Phil Robertson back to shooting just weeks after his inflammatory remarks about homosexuality, the storm has not yet settled. And the numbers are in to prove it. Everyone expected in light of the drama surrounding the show that when it returned this week, it would be to epic numbers. Unfortunately, it turned in ratings close to 30 percent lower than the last season's premiere, and everyone is getting concerned. 

If A&E thought that Phil's viral (and virulent) comments were a case of any publicity is good publicity, here's hoping they are starting to clue in to just how mistaken they were. If you ask me (and no one did), it's reassuring to know that we live in an age where ignorant hateful speech won't be tolerated. 

Some fans think this is a just a fluke and that the show will be back to its old, super-popular self before you can blink. I say that those fans are being exceptionally naive. If anything, this is further proof that the show itself is done for. I would be exceptionally surprised if it even managed to limp along and finish up this season, truth be told.  

That's because when it comes to Phil, I don't think we've heard the final word. I'd bet cash money that more evidence of his bigoted feelings are going to make their way onto the web as time goes by. When a person has beliefs like this that they aren't afraid to share, you can hardly think that the GQ interview was some sort of one-off. It's a good thing the clan has their duck calls to fall back on. 

Do you think the show is doomed?


Image via A&E

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EmilyH87 EmilyH87

Low numbers may also be attributed to the lack of advertising for the new season. I may have missed it myself, but I live in Monroe and didn't hear much about it til the day it premiered. Not saying the show shouldn't end and not saying it should, just know it's not going to go down easily after one bad premiere. There are some seriously obsessed fans when it comes to this show.

nonmember avatar Big Bob

By the end of the year DD will be on a Christian network...I'm thinking "The New PTL".

nonmember avatar anthony

How about your bigoted and should shove it cause Phil still said it was a sin he did but he said he still loves people equally and other shows say worst and don't get penalized so I don't see the problem

nonmember avatar Big Bob

Lack of advertising? DD just had the benefit of about a billion dollars of advertising the last month. The fact is the Robinsons style of dark ages homophobia, bigotry and misogyny only resonates with maybe 5%of the population.

You're on the wrong side of history, as fundamentalist Christian were over integration and the women's vote.

This vle homo hatred from the fundie Christians is like the last dying gasp from a harpooned whale.

And the only ones who doesnt see it is the whale.

nonmember avatar Tina D.

Or maybe some of us had other things going on last night and we will have to catch it later this week.
I will make it a point to watch, because we all have freedoms and I'm tired of listening to people complain that we have to be tolerant of each other but only if you think like they do.
That’s not freedom.
Be careful what you ask for.

Mark Bradley

To Tina - You shop at WalMart, don't you??

fave82 fave82

I'm sure the Robinsons will be crying about it all the way to the bank. NEWSFLASH.. here's something that A&E learned when the family wouldn't back down-- they don't needto have a show. They are worth MILLIONS and already were worth millions before and have a successful business that has nothing to do with reality tv... so yeah.. I think they'll be ok.

fave82 fave82

and @mark bradley .. Over one hundred (100) million people shop at Wal-Mart every single week in America ... (google it). So please find a better insult.

nonmember avatar mark sr

I think Phil's comments have been blown out of proportion. While he did say that the Bible considers homosexuality a sin, he followed that with the statement that it isn't our job to judge, we are to show love to all. It's God's job to judge the sinner.

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