New '50 Shades' Scene Caught on Camera Is Even Better Than the Rest (VIDEO)

jamie dornanDon't just be happy because it's Friday. Be happy because new photos of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson shooting Fifty Shades of Grey have been released. And in them, they're having full-on sex.

JK. You wish, you dirty bird. But the pics are pretty great. It's the iconic scene where Christian presents Anastasia with a brand new car out of fear that her clunker is "too dangerous" for her to drive. And I've gotta say, covering a woman's eyes with his hands is a good look for Dornan. Dude looks hawt.

Oh, and FYI, there's some really good video footage of them shooting, too. Check it out!

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From what we saw, Jamie and Dakota appeared to have a bit of a wonky start in the chemistry department. But they seem to have a nice flow going now. And, although I was on the fence about Dornan at first, I'm a card-carrying member of Team JD now. And I always thought Dakota was a nice choice for Ana.

I'm loving all the pics and video footage that are being "leaked" of Jamie and Dakota shooting. It's the perfect thing to get Fifty Shades fans all the more excited for the movie. I know there are still some Dornan/Johnson naysayers out there. But my guess? By the time the film's released, everyone will have come around.

Are you excited for the movie? Who do you think should have been cast in the roles?


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fifty shades of grey


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nonmember avatar Me

Loved him on Once Upon a Time, love him even more as Fifty!

Kay7684 Kay7684

Yay finally a positive comment, thank you. I am still wanting to watch this. Just wish they'd let them get on with it and stop dissecting every move they make.

nonmember avatar Cathrine

Why is Dakota wearing these? she doesn't look like Ana at all for me....And Jamie was a wrong choice too. I just can't picture them as Christian and Ana so I'm not that excited any more.....

Linda Orsini Crawford

I am very excited and I love their choice in actors. Great Job guys. Can't wait for the real thing.

nonmember avatar Babs

I'm just not sure about this. Christian is supposed to be over 6' tall and built like a line-backer. Jamie is neither. Dakota may be ok, but she doesn't look a real 'beauty' when she's dressed up like Ana is supposed to transform into. It really doesn't matter what we think anyway, what is done is done. Either it will be a hit or a flop, right? Not sure if I'm going to see it or not, I liked the books after it turned into more of a romance. Josh Duhamel 6'3" of hotness and Emma Watson would look awesome together as Ana and Christian, how the chemistry would be would have be seen. Ahh well, one can dream.

nonmember avatar Alison Ellis

sick of people criticising casting choices the chemistry is there to be seen.

Gayle Sadowski

Looks amazing...they are well matched!

nonmember avatar Babs

Alison, if you took the time to "read" my comment it doesn't say "anything" about the chemistry between the two actors that are "actually" cast as Christian and Ana.

Kimberley Sorochan

It looks hawt I personally think he looks perfect as Christian he can look sexy and stern and sad he just has the all the right expressions and he is extreamly yummy. Dakota I think is going to be a good Ana she just has that something about her look that makes me think she can pull it off. I can not wait to see the final result love these two.

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