Kellan Lutz Dumps Miley Cyrus So Fast We Didn't Know They Were Together

Miley CyrusPoor Miley Cyrus. She's become like the Jennifer Aniston of the Gen X set. Girl can't keep a man! This is what Miley, supposedly, and that's a big supposedly, thinks. According to Life & Style, Miley and Kellan Lutz are now kaput. That is, if they were ever really together to begin with. It must totally suck to be dumped by someone you were never really with.

A source tells the mag:

Despite Kellan’s denials, friends say the two were definitely an item and had hooked up for months. So Miley was hurt and humiliated to learn that once again, a man she cared about wants nothing to do with her.

Ouch! Nothing like a man denying he's with you -- and then wanting nothing to do with you. That's like a double dump. The source continues:

She’d love to be in a relationship -- she worries she’ll never find someone who loves her for who she is -- but she’s totally unaware of why guys dump her.

Really? She's totally unaware that the constant twerking and tongue-lolling and naked wrecking ball riding might be a turn-off -- eventually? That is, after they get a taste of the aforementioned? Hmmm.

Well, one of these days, Miley will find a guy who appreciates her finer qualities. I mean, Madonna managed to get married and still has boyfriends half her age. Maybe Miley just needs to wait a decade or so until she finds The One.

Hint to Miley: If a guy won't admit he's your boyfriend, or that he's ever met you, then he's probably not going to ask for your hand in marriage.

Do you think Miley and Kellan were ever really hooking up?


Image via Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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adamat34 adamat34

Wonder if he woke the hell up or got sick of seeing her tongue

nonmember avatar nsncy

I don't really like Miley, but I find it funny that you would say she's like the J.A of gen X. From my understanding she had ONE fiance for a couple of years, now maybe this one other guy...? I'd say leave the title to taylor swift

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