Proof That Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant With Baby #2 -- Maybe

kim kardashian and kanye west

Seven-month-old North West may be a big sister soon. Yes, I know you've heard this before. These rumors have been percolating for months. But this time it looks like there is pretty solid proof that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are really expecting another baby. is reporting that Kim has been trying to get pregnant for months and she finally conceived. Her delicate condition is the reason Kanye went berserk when she was viciously heckled and allegedly threatened over the weekend.

In case you hadn't heard, reportedly Kanye beat up an 18-year-old who called Kim a "n***** lover" and is said to have threatened to kill her. When the rapper got wind of what the guy said, he tracked him down in a medical building and allegedly beat the crap out of him. A brutal move that reportedly prompted Kim to call her fiance a "real man." It was an extreme reaction, even for Kanye.

But if Kim is, in fact, pregnant, the pummeling is totally understandable. No one is as protective as parent. The thought that some person would physically threaten the mother of his unborn child is enough to send any man over the edge. Even when Kim was pregnant with North West, Kanye freaked out and started fighting with an overzealous paparazzo.

Of course, many people doubt Kim is expecting but was right about the first pregnancy when others didn't believe it was true. They just may be calling it correctly this time too.

Do you think Kanye was just being a protective dad when he went after this guy?

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butte... buttercup627

As a patent it is your job to protect, yes, but it's also your job to teach your child to be a responsible adult. Tracking down a mouthy twerp to beat the crud out of him teaches that violence is ok which it is NOT

Cari Poissant

Its not ok to beat up anyone no matter who is pregnant. she was never in any danger and he didnt threaten to kill her. She lied.

Succu... Succubus1987

Haha!!! He disappears in the picture :)

dswope25 dswope25

I dont even see kayne in the picture? ..

Bobbie Scherzer

This was just another. Stunt executed by both to get more attention.  

rakkel rakkel

who cares....

Choco... Chocodoxies

Wait... Kanye West, a man known for his excessive binge drinking and disgraceful actions whilst intoxicated, beat the living crap out of some guy for slinging the kind of rude verbiage used daily to describe the vile house of Kardashian, and it's key money maker Kim, and THIS must be proof that he has inseminated her again? Isn't this just proof that it is Wednesday and he is still, in fact, a total toolbag? 

I can't wait for North to grow up and write her memoir so that I can read "North" by North West.

Yolie Scott

If KK was frightened and threatened by this kid, why did she not call the police instead of KW as I am sure he would have been by her side shortly. She's ok with being called a slut, whore and whatever names they call her but what this kid said was wrong, but it would have been better to have someone else settle the problem - not KW.

Freela Freela

If she was pregnant the pummeling was justified???  What planet do you live on? 

Stefa... Stefanie18

Where to even start with this??? 

1.  The ONLY way the 'pummeling' would be justified was if the 'alleged racist' made a move to or actually did physically attack Kim.  That NEVER happened. If he truly yelled racial comments and threatened her, then they should have called 911 for the police. 

2.  You're going to have to trot out some credible witnesses for me to believe this story is true they way those two nutjobs told it. I have a hard time believing ANYTHING they say.

3.  You DO realize that Kanye has a nasty habit of flying off the handle if someone even grunts in a way that annoys him? This is hardly his first incident involving physical abuse towards another person.

4.  Lets all hope MediaTakeOut is dead wrong with their Kim pregnancy rumor. Those two twits can't be bothered to spend time with the daughter they already have, they have NO business bringing another child into the world that they will ignore unless its' being pimped out to magazines/TV shows for money. 

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