Rita Ora in a '50 Shades' Mood as She Leaves to Start Filming

Rita OraPart of me still feels like this whole Fifty Shades of Grey movie thing is a dream. Or at the very least, that it could fall apart at any second. Do you blame me? We've been teased and disappointed before -- and in decidedly not-kinky ways. Sorry, I had to.

But it's definitely still on, if all the piping hot news and photos from the set are any indication -- and, uh, they are. Rita Ora, for example, was just spotted flying from California to Vancouver to get to work in her role as Mia, Christian's lil' sister. She maybe looked like she would rather have stayed in bed all day, but she DID go get her hair done before boarding the plane. She even wore red lipstick -- very much getting into the world of Fifty Shades. Between that and the acting classes she's been taking, Rita's clearly going into this seriously.

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It's too bad that she'll be stuck in the brutal cold of Vancouver instead of heading for one of the film's other supposed locations -- like Miami or even SPAIN. Dude. How much would you love to live in a world where Spain had to double for Georgia? I feel like if Christian had whisked Ana off to Spain in book one, things might have happened a little differently.

We know Rita's not psyched about the cold. She spent the day of her flight to the shoot basking in the sun. Here's hoping it was enough to get her through those long, cold days. Who knows, maybe if she does good enough work, they'll add in a tropical scene for Miss Mia. Though I have a feeling anything so scenic will be reserved exclusively for the lovebirds.

Do you think Rita was the right choice to play Mia?


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nonmember avatar Alyssa

She is most definitely not appropriate for the role as mia. The role of mia should be played by a naive girlie girl who's hair is naturally black as is mia's is. I think if your going to cast people for a movie made from the book, they should cast as the book reads. Take Ana for example, she should have been waisted by someone younger and who can pull off the converse and kinda frumpy blue eyed girl that it reads in the book. I'm disappointed in the casting of this film but it won't stop ne from seeing it. I love the books and will always love the books been if the movie tanks.

Lori Martinson Cyples

I can see her in the part...IF she dyes her hair dark...


Lori Mcnulty Mancini

I pictured someone younger for the role of Mia. I really do not like anyone that has been picked so far.


RADmomma RADmomma

I'm not a fan of any of the cast so far

Nancy Heim Gross

I'm confused...i read the books..and there is great detail about every character, vehicle, apartment, meals, restaurants........oh you that are fans completely understand what I'm saying....So far, the casting has been less than accurate....makes me wonder how the rest of the details are going to be taken care of...It's going to be interesting. I'm planning on seeing the movies, just wonder why EL James is not making sure that her fans, us who bought, read & loved the story, aren't going to be disappointed....Just my opinion!! Don't hate!

Liz Parker

I pictured Ashley Greene, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt and root that she does great.

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