Kristen Stewart & Jennifer Lawrence's Boyfriend Are Getting Way Too Close

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Kristen StewartUh-oh. Get this one: Kristen Stewart was just cast in Equals, a "futuristic love story," in which she will star opposite Nicholas Hoult -- as in Jennifer Lawrence's boyfriend. (At least we're pretty sure they're back together at this point.)

The flick will be somewhat of a remake of a movie that came out in 1956 called 1984 (so many numbers) -- which was based on a George Orwell novel about rebellion in a future society. 

And the material is so far out of KStew's comfort zone, even she admits being a little leery of taking on the role.

She told The Associated Press, "I can't believe I agreed to do it. I'm terrified of it. Though it's a movie with a really basic concept, it's overtly ambitious. It's a love story of epic, epic, epic proportion. I'm scared."

Hmm. A love story of "epic, epic proportion," huh? And this is something that's totally new to her. (What the hell was the point of the Twilight Saga, again?)

You know what I'm going to say next, right? I know she comes off as incredibly confident and secure -- but Jennifer Lawrence might want to keep a very close eye on KStew as soon as filming is underway. 

Look out JLaw ... Kristen could potentially be coming for your man. (Oh yes, she just might be.)

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First of all, Kristen obviously has a history of getting romantic with co-stars. Just look at how long she and Robert Pattinson were together, for crying out loud! And then there's the whole issue of her not being the least bit intimidated by a man who is in a serious relationship with another woman. If Rupert Sanders being married (with kids!) wasn't a deal-breaker, I highly doubt Nicholas dating JLaw will stop Kristen from going after him if the mood should strike her.

She really seems like the type to go after what she wants without worrying what other people think -- but hopefully Kristen thinks enough of Jennifer to keep her paws off Nicholas. (At least while they're still dating.)

Do you think Jennifer has anything to worry about with Kristen starring opposite her man in this flick?


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nonmember avatar Jesse

What is wrong with you?

Sarah Carter

Jennifer has nothing to worry about because Kristen has stated on numerous occassions that she loves Jennifer Lawrence.  I can't see her ruining her friendship with Jennifer over Nicholas!

nonmember avatar Lena

The real news story: How is KStew finding work? Worst actress ever. If it wasn't for gossip rags like The Stir, her 15 minutes of fame would have been over long, long ago.

Rona Levinsky

You are such a pathetic writer.  You always want to stir the pot.  Such a bunch of bull.

Simča Michalíková

Lena--Bullshit it, who write from kristen is the worst actress if she is logocke from my not shooting another film, it is logical for ordinary people not to HATER

Karen Stone Hunsinger

Really?? Leave the poor girl alone! She is, after all, human! And just like ALL humans, she makes mistakes. Doesn't mean she doesn't learn from them. 

Shirley Sorrow

These articles are getting worse.  You take a bit of nothing and blow it up until it's something.  Kristen loves Rob.  End of story.

hisBo... hisBonus2

 What an insult that you are hired to write to the public. This was all fabricated for nothing. Sad...

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