Terrifying 'Devil Baby' Prank Is Just Plain Mean (VIDEO)

devil babyIf you are on Facebook, then you have almost definitely seen at least 10 of your friends share the Devil Baby prank. The hilarious prank is part of a viral marketing campaign for the movie Devil's Due (note to fellow preggos: NOT something we should see while still pregnant!), and while it will make you laugh, it's also a little disturbing.

Picture this: You are walking down a street in Manhattan when an unattended baby carriage rolls into your view and you hear a baby crying. Do you a.) run over to it and try to stop it before the baby gets hurt? Or to you b.) ignore it and keep on walking?

Most of us would choose the first, right? But what if it was all a cruel joke? See below:

Obviously, it's easy to see the humor in this, but playing on people's sense of good will toward babies is not really that funny. Now people will be a little more jaded if something real like this happens.

OK, OK, so I am not a party pooper. It IS funny. But this oversensitive pregnant woman doesn't like to see people's good will being preyed upon, and make no mistake, that's what this is. Had that happened to me, not only would I have been scared, I would lose some trust in the world.

Also: How careful were they with this? Because that's like a labor/heart-attack-inducing scare right there. Come to think of it, maybe I need to find that devil baby. If he'll put me into labor, it might be worth it!

As a viral marketing campaign, this is pure genius. I had never heard of the movie Devil's Due until this. Now you can bet I want to see it. So, mission accomplished, I guess. Even if people have become more jaded because of it.

Do you think this prank is too cruel?


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nonmember avatar Hmh

Oh come on! This is absolutely hilarious! Jaded? Please tell me you're over exaggerating for journalism's sake.

L00L00 L00L00

Love it!!

steph... steph0420

Unbunch your panties and pull the stick out of your ass. That was hilarious

nonmember avatar thinkdammit

That is HILARIOUS!!!

Lynn Keyes-Brockman

False advertising~~~we saw it tonight and it sucked big time.  Made no sense and nothing like the video.  Worst 15 bucks we ever spent.

nonmember avatar Alyx

Oh please, most of those people weren't walking up to the baby anyway. Plenty of them were simply walking on by. I highly doubt the "good people" of Manhattan weren't anymore jaded than the city has already made them.

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