A 'Real Housewife's Silly Mistake Will Lead Her Straight to the Poor House (VIDEO)

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Holy Moly ... well, if you missed The Real Housewives of Atlanta because of the Golden Globes, I have all the gossip for you, plus The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and my exclusive take on the return of The Real Housewives of New York City and the demotion of Countess LuAnn de Lesseps. I thought I’d also show you where I’ve been living these past two weeks in Australia -- the view is of my in-laws’ garden in sunny (if a bit windy and noisy) Lennox Head, New South Wales.

Forced drama alert! That’s what I’m talking about this week. Whether it’s Porsha Stewart and her divorce, potential friend-of-housewives Malorie, sister of Cynthia Bailey, or why Kenya Moore’s attempts to become the next Greek Chorus are proving difficult, ALL this drama, whether forced, manipulated, or downright coerced ... is entertaining me.

This week, I go deep into what motivates a housewife to spend money, and what Porsha might have been thinking with that house, and WHY the other housewives are making fun of her. How is it that her attorney managed to give her brilliant legal advice while being filmed for reality TV?

Moving over to Beverly Hills, I see two wars brewing, and I need your help to determine which is bigger ... the war between Joyce Giraud and Brandi Glanville, or Joyce and someone (or something) else? What is it that Carlton Gebbia seems to know that Joyce doesn’t?

luannAnd New York. Wow. I had heard rumblings about LuAnn de Lesseps, but Bravo made it official for her this week. In today’s video below, I talk about things I’ve never mentioned in public before ... ever. How are cast members threatened with "not holding an apple"? And although you might think I’m gleeful about the Countess’ situation, I’m actually not. I give you ALL the reasons, from direct experience, why I had it easier.

Next week I’ll be back in frozen New York City, but for now ... see that bit of blue at the top right corner of the screen? That’s the Pacific Ocean. I know. Don’t hate me, because you know I love you!!

What do you think of LuAnn's demotion? 


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Sydney Charlotte

Luann's demotion was long overdue; Kenya is just not likeable never has been she and NONO are jsut to full of themselves; Porscha is a Moron renting that house, she should be banking that rent;BH used to love it but the gang up on Lisa is just really gross and Kim does not appear to be practing her program and should be booted her and Kyle profess to be "nice" but they have been mean and shady since the begining. Brandi and Joyce just go away with this stupid sh*t: I don't really need to see another Vagina waxing on TV ever again , please...
Bravo thinks we are idiots and it shows in the editing ..love your recaps !

Sydney Charlotte

oh yeah and I forgot Cynthia needs to go as well , boring and stupid :-)

nonmember avatar sandy

I think LuAnn held out for too much money and they called her bluff. She won't appear in the first 3 episodes (probably because she hadn't signed her contract yet) and then when she and Bravo realized they could go on without her, she came running back as a "friend".

I think Porsha rented that house to establish that lifestyle as one Kordell would agree to support. I can't figure out any other reason for her to leave her mother's home. I mean, pancakes every morning, COME ON! Even she's not dumb enough to walk away from that for no reason.

On BH, I think Joyce has a much firmer lock on a second season than Carlton does. Joyce's fight with Brandi isn't a great storyline, but it's the only drama going on at all. Carlton rarely interacts with most of the other ladies, and her only storyline is her desperate attempt to look SEXXXY and EDGY! She's trying harder than a girl with low esteem at a frat party, and she's not even pulling it off.

nonmember avatar michelle

I really look forward to hearing your recap! Interesting hearing your take on how the LuAnn situation went down. Could you please create more videos on behind the scenes during your time on housewives NYC?

nonmember avatar Gina White

Isn't it up to the producers with editing? On the Atl Kenya is quite annoying, Porshia is sweet but dumb, Phaedra is very witty and entertaining. On BH the Joyce hair flipping is weird but she is a class act, love Kyle and Lisa, Brandi I'm worried for. Carlton is different but in a great way. And NY? I never liked the Countess and she makes me uncomfortable. The interesting thing in my life people that meet me think of me as a "real" housewife type, it really bothers me. I do not watch every episode but I think these woman on the whole are pretty desperate for attention. I would rather keep my table flipping in private then expose it on TV. Is there really that much money? or is fame worth it? Not.

nonmember avatar Angie

One thing about ATL: Malorie has been on in previous seasons (when Cynthia got married) as a huge drama/instigator. So those of us who've watched from the beginning know her already. I don't think she's being prepped for a ew housewife role, but more as a recurring friend. But I honestly thought, and think, that neither Peter nor Cybthia knew she was coming to stay for two months. Maybe that's naive, but Cynthia seems very honest and her reaction was priceless. I think Kenya has a Kelly Bensone quality of crazy that makes her uncomfortable to watch. I don't know if she's close enough to anyone to really stay on the show. But I think the producers will milk her crazy for a good long while! And on BH, the whole Brandi thing...my goodness, she's so reactive and explosive. I wonder when and how her and Lisa part ways, because we all know that's coming. Personally, I find Carlton so horrid and creepy to watch with her sexual acting out. I don't understand her point on the show. Joyce on the other hand at least makes sense since she's friendly with Mohammad and other cast mates' friends. I just want to understand how the racist/bullying behavior is going to be dealt with by Andy in the reunion. I have never thought, "but I have black friends." To be a valid excuse for racism, or "but I'm anti-bully" to excuse bullying. But hey, that's just me!

Kathy Carter Woods

I basically agree with everything Sydney Charlotte said.  I'll add, I hear on a podcast that Bravo rented Porcha's house.  Something tells me she'll end up just like Shere from ATL. 

I LOVED these series when they first started now it seems like the same thing over and over.  Dance class, fashion show, vagina wax, women fighting.  The only thing that changes in the cities.  I, for one, gave up on NY a LONG time ago.  I lived in NY for YEARS.  I never met women like this.  Close, but not this fame whorish and obviously desperate for attention.  I'm glad that countess is gone.  She really needed to go.

Between Mynique and Mallory, Mynique wins for regular person sweetness.  Mal wins for bitchiness.  Lets be real, who do you think Bravo is going to keep on the show.  It's Mal by a mile.  I'll hate watch her but that's all.  I hope they pass Mynique up in the name of common decency!

Kenya Moore is a ridiculous faker.  I don't think for one minute that she has a boyfriend or that he got her that car.  There's a place just outside NY called Gotham Dream Cars where you can rent a luxury auto.  I'm quite certain that Atlanta has some version of that.

Did you see that Motel 6 Kenya stayed in when she got evicted?  Chile please!  She probably can't afford any kind of house OR car!  She needs to buy an RV so she has something to drive and a place to live that she actually owns!.




nonmember avatar Susan

LuAnne; Yeahhhh! Be gone woman.... For good. Mallory; uggggg please nooooo.....Joyce; one episode was more than enough if this one Kenya and NeNe; Hit the road Jack and don't come back! Porsha; There has to be a method to the madness of buying/ renting that house. My guess, it is a loaner. Probably on the market, in forclosure, what better way to show it.

Linda Tilley

What's up with Joyce's wonky eye ?? And the hair...WH can't she stop touching it...nevertheless I'm on her side ..Brandi is one sick cookie....bad news about LuAnn..I love her...

Marta N Jeff Wisler

Personally, I think she will be missed. Did her attitude annoy me, of course, but she still made for good "reality" tv. I do however, love Aex's videos! Keep them coming! Love you Alex!

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