Jenny McCarthy Really Wanted to Be on 'The Bachelorette,' But Was Rejected

Women as pretty and spunky as Jenny McCarthy always become head cheerleaders or snag the lead in the school play or "make it" in Hollywood without having to waitress for a million years first, right? Wrong! The View co-host recently revealed that she, too, experienced the harsh reality of rejection when ABC producers turned down her request to let her try and find her one true love on The Bachelorette. According to the network, one major problem kept the blonde from being a good match for the show. 

Jenny says she felt heartbroken and lonely after her 2005 divorce from John Mallory, to whom she was married for six years. She obviously had some television experience and was single and ready to mingle. And she's gorgeous so bachelors would fall all over themselves and do embarrassing, amazing things to get her attention (and boost ratings). So, what was ABC's issue?

The network thought she was too famous for The Bachelorette. They weren't into the idea of using celebs at the time, so Jenny missed out on her chance to date 30 mostly unbecoming men in order to find one who didn't creep her out entirely (hey, sort of like real life).

Personally, I think Jenny would have made a great bachelorette! She is opinionated, outgoing, and funny, and has all of the charisma and backbone that a contestant like Desiree Hartsock lacked. She would have weeded through those bachelors one by one and exposed them in seconds. And she would have never eliminated Juan Pablo -- tsk, tsk, Desiree. 

Don't get me wrong: Jenny is no Trista -- my fave bachelorette of all time. She would have known exactly which camera angles to work and her hamming it up for the producers may have gotten a little tiring. But, overall, the woman would have had those men eating from the palm of her hand, and she would have proven to be one of the strongest bachelorettes in the show's history. Just my humble opinion.

Do you think Jenny McCarthy would have made a good contestant on The Bachelorette


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Nanoo... Nanooksmommy

I think she would have made a great Bachelorette!! They should consider her in the future.

Krystian Kaufold

No she wouldn't have made a great bachelorette. 

Thank god she didn't.

ashth... ashthecat

Does anyone remember Tila Tquila a shot at love? Jenny McCartney would be a little better than that.  Only a llittle. Admitting that I watched a dating show about Tila Tequila doesn't say much about me though. Lol

k8edid k8edid

Jenny McCarthy is mostly unbearable to watch, so no.

Krystian Kaufold

ashthecat, I admit I used to watch that show!!!!!

nonmember avatar Susan Quinn

Lisa Fogarty, don't know why you had to put down Desiree Hartsock to promote your girl, Jenny McCarthy. I am so happy for Des & Chris and so looking forward to their TV wedding.

nonmember avatar Paula manrow

Yes she would ma a cool bachelorette

Amy Je

Nope. I much much prefer no celebs myself, but that is not the only reason I am glad they did not pick her....

Sandra Flint Crabb

They should be a normal no high profile person with the real aspiration of love not fame, glam, and or a tv show. You all are losing the viewers- you need a better recruiter for this- keep it clean and real, ..


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