Kim Kardashian Thinks Kanye Is a 'Real Man' for Beating Up Teen

Kim Kardashian, Kanye WestIn case you ever wondered what exactly Kim Kardashian saw in Kanye West, apparently it's the same thing everyone else hates. Kim just loooooves Kanye's temper. Yesterday, Kanye was accused of assaulting a teenager who reportedly yelled racial slurs and threatened Kim by screaming, "I will kill you, slut." Kim, instead of dialing 911 or seeking help inside the office she was visiting, opted to call Kanye, who she already knew was in trouble for various assaults. Kim must have known that once she reported to her hot-headed fiance that some dickwad teen was mouthing off to her, he would go into rumble mode. And he did!


The 18-year-old is accused of initially trying to help Kim get away from some paparazzi, but in the process, he directed racial slurs at them. When Kim chastised him, he reportedly quickly turned on her and called her a "n***er lover" and threatened to kill her.

Kim got on the horn to fiance Kanye, who was also in the same building, who immediately rushed over, found the teen, and began pummeling him. According to TMZ, he landed more than 30 blows as the kid curled into a corner. (Thirty blows? Really? If the kid isn't completely incapacitated, then Kanye fights like a little girl.)

Kim apparently stood silently by watching the whole thing (a smirk on her face, no doubt). Later that night, she must have showed her gratitude to her man for defending her honor, because apparently Kim was just loving the whole thing. RadarOnline says that Kim is telling friends she is "proud" of Kanye for beating the crap out of a skinny teen and that she was "relieved" he took care of the situation. Said an insider:

Kim has been telling friends that she is so proud of Kanye, that he really stood up for her when she needed it. Kim loves that her man is protecting her. Unlike Kris Humphries, whom she never felt had her back, Kim is telling people that Kanye is a real man.

Hear that, ladies? Real men beat the crap out of mouthy douchebags. Well, if the kid did say the stuff that Kim is saying he said -- and so far we only have Kim's word on it -- then certainly a kick in the pants would have been highly tempting.

But I wonder what is wrong with Kim? She knows that Kanye is already facing jail time for several assault charges and yet she went ahead and called him knowing he would flip his lid?

Does she WANT her man in jail? Hmmm.

Do you think Kim was right to call Kanye?


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