'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Explains Why She Let MTV Film Her Abortion

Jenelle EvansThe Teen Mom franchise has never exactly shied away from controversial topics. After all, it's built on one of the most taboo subjects in America -- teenage sex. Now Teen Mom 2, which is set to premiere on January 21, will tackle the topic of abortion, specifically trouble-plagued star Jenelle Evans' decision to go through with ending a pregnancy.

The 22-year-old has allowed MTV to follow her through everything from teenage pregnancy to drug addiction, from being homeless to the jailhouse. But what prompted her to allow the network to share one of the most personal choices a woman can make? The Stir sat down with Jenelle to find out.

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On how MTV came to film the abortion:

MTV was like, "Do you want to film it?" And I said, "Yeah." They said, "Are you sure," and I said, "Yes." 

They're like, "OK, you know a lot of backlash is going to come from this." I'm like, "Yeah, I know. It's OK."

On choosing abortion:

At the time, when I filmed it and everything, I didn't know I was going to meet Nathan or have a baby or anything like that. You don't know what the future's going to hold.

At the time I needed to do what I needed to do. I wasn't in the best situation. I was living back at my mom's, just got arrested for a felony charge, and I mean, I was in such a depressed state. It was just ... my body was so out of whack. I was sick, so I went to the doctor for bronchitis, and that's when they told me I was pregnant.

I just couldn't be with Courtland Rogers because he was abusive. He's not a good father figure. He has a child already and he's not involved in their life.

On her regrets:

I don't regret the abortion. I think I'm prepared for the backlash. I just don't want people judging me off the abortion for this new pregnancy. I want them to understand why I did it and where I was at and where I am now and how much better I am now and that it's OK to have a baby now.

On what will happen when her child(ren) find out about the abortion:

I don't think Jace is going to understand right now. I'm going to explain it to him when he sees it or hears about it, but I'm not going to just go tell him.

Jace knows the way I was treated by Courtland. He didn't like Courtland. He said he didn't want Courtland around. It was surprising to me because I didn't think Jace would ever say that about anyone I dated. It threw up a red flag, and yeah, I just needed to get out of that relationship. It was horrible.


Jenelle's abortion will play a central role in the upcoming season, which premieres on January 21 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

What do you think of the abortion on TV? Does Jenelle's explanation make sense?


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nonmember avatar Kara Reichert

She used to say Jace loved Courtland. Is the abortion her "miscarriage"? She is a liar about everything

nonmember avatar sarah

because she is a pub hound? ya lets go with that

nonmember avatar Alyssa

Yea, @Kara I'm kinda confused too. Like holy hell, how many times has she been pregnant??

nonmember avatar Bree

That's what I thought too ^^. She was going around saying she had a miscarriage. If she wasn't ashamed of doing it, then why lie about it? I don't judge people who do it. I'm glad she realize that her life wasn't in a good place to bring a child into her situation.

Krystian Kaufold

Maybe Jace did like Courtland at one point, but then started seeing how he treated Jenelle, and changed his mind. He is four, he is a child, which means he knows a lot more then what us adults/parents think they do. 

I don't agree with her abortion, I am 100% prolife, but she did what she had to do, and she realized it wasn't the right time. 

I'm glad Jenelle is starting to turn herself around.

nonmember avatar Jenet

Holly Sh$& how many times can she be pregant ... She had a misscarriage then an abortion. Now she's pregant agian when she can't care for jace. You think she would try not to get pregant agian and use some form of protection.

Btw the way the only reason MTV filmed it was cause she gets a bit more money for more drama ....it was all about the money

Stormie Bass

how can she handle and abortion like its nothing! What the heck!?

nonmember avatar Andrea Alarcon

Honestly I think Jenelle made a reasonable choice because at the time she was barely able to care for her own son which she didn't have full custody of. and the relationship she was in was toxic, no baby should be born in that situation because it certaintly wasn't going to make anything better, but overall she has come a very long way and has been doing really well and has been healthy so I think she deserves a second chance and this baby she's pregnant with now can be that chance and a blessing, I'm sick of people judging her by her past when clearly you can tell she's made a great turn around in her life.

nonmember avatar megan

please keep the baby

nonmember avatar Ashley

They way you people bash her makes me sick. You act like her know her personally and attack her over everything she says and does. Seriously is this what you are teaching your children? Because someone made bad choices in life your going to constantly rip them apart.. Seriously grow up and focus on your life instead of trying to rip someone else's apart. I can guarantee that you aren't perfect either and if you had thousands of people bashing you over the decisions you make you wouldn't be sitting here doing it to her.

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