'Teen Mom' Leah Calvert Answers Divorce Rumors Once & For All

Leah Messer CalvertThe trailer for season 5 of Teen Mom 2 dropped one bombshell after another on fans when it came out late last year, and the aftermath has been painful for many of the show's stars. Leah Messer Calvert certainly hasn't been immune to that pain. After cameras caught her talking about divorce from husband Jeremy Calvert, the rumors about their marriage have swirled out of control.

With the new season set to start on MTV on Tuesday, January 21, Leah sat down with The Stir to tell us the real deal about her marriage.

On managing a commuter marriage when Jeremy is out of town for work:

I do hold down the fort. I am Mommy and Daddy when Jeremy can't be home. It's hard, and Jeremy has a hard time giving his attention to work and his family at the same time. When he's at work, he feels like that's where all his attention goes to. If I don't talk to him for a few days, I might get upset.

He's still working on how to show me attention as well as work. To me it's really hard when they're working out of town. I hate it.

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If he could find a job at home, I'd be probably 10 times happier, but I know this is what he loves to do so I just want to support him too.

Just got to work through it and keep communicating. I think that's what's best about me and Jeremy is that we always communicate with each other.

Corey and I were horrible at communicating.

On her marriage to Corey:

I believe with all my heart that Corey and I loved each other, maybe we just were not meant for each other. Still to this day I'm sure we love each other; we have kids together. I love him as my kids' father, and I'm sure he loves me and respects me as Ali and Alleeah's mother.

But it finally got to a point where enough was enough. There was too much damage, there was too much hurt.

On the future of her marriage to Jeremy:

I know I've been asked and asked and asked about divorce. It's just something that he threw up and he does it all the time and even thought it's not a good thing to bring up divorce. Eventually, I tell him, it will happen, and if you keep throwing it up, it's like the little girl who cried wolf, you can't keep bringing it up -- he doesn't mean it when he brings it up.

The whole thing with us arguing was about work and stuff like that, but we're fine. I don't think we'll ever, ever get a divorce.


So what was she talking about in that trailer? Looks like we'll have to wait to watch this season of Teen Mom 2 to find out!

What do you think Leah was talking about?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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nonmember avatar Kimber

She is way too young and immature to be married, let alone TWICE before she was 21!!! I feel sorry for her, she is so young and clueless but I do hope it works out with her and Jeremy.

nonmember avatar Katie

I have been married to my husband for 4 years and the word divorce has never... EVER been muttered. We have weathered tough economical times in the beginning of our marriage and years of heartbreaking infertility. Divorce is not a word that should ever be thrown around unless it is the last resort. I understand they are young and have children and stress takes it toll, however, jumping into yet another marriage and bringing another baby into this world was foolish. This interview was very telling.. and as much as I hate to say it, and would never wish a broken family onto any child, I don't see their marriage lasting much longer.

Amy Hyland

Leah is so full of shit!! I can totally see her screwing around on Jeremy when he's away, just like she did to Corey and marrying some other guy and getting knocked up with baby number 4!! Leah will never ever be happy

Mary Dambrosia

Every marriage is different.There is no rule book.When love is strong,you can get thru anything!

Krystian Kaufold

I agree with Katie. Divorce should never ever come up. 

With that said, I bring it up when I get pissed, and I shouldn't, and I am working on that. 

This girl is a total wreck, and should have NEVER gotten married, I think she does it for the wedding itself.

nonmember avatar Lokiluv

I feel that she need to just be happy that Heremy is working unlike a lot of the other guys from teen mom. It may be hard to be away from the one you love but if that's what he has to do to support his family then let it be. Just cherish the moments you do get to spend with him and let him provide for his family.

nonmember avatar Ashley

I don't get why everyone feels they should judge Leah. I mean, no wonder she feels like ppl will laugh at her/mock her. I don't blame her for wanting to talk to her husband when he's gone. I don't blame her for wanting him to just tell her that he misses her & his family. I do believe that BOTH she & Jeremy need to work on their communication skills. If you have to complain about anyone- how about Jenelle? She deserves it, the way she keeps getting in trouble. The way she treats her Mother, who's raising her kid. Her lies & immaturity. Her bullshit. I could say a lot more about her.

nonmember avatar jamie

First of all I would like to say Leah is very young.She of course is going to have meltdowns. She is doing a teriffic job with those 3 little girls. At her young age she wants her husband home. She is a very smart cookie, she will go to the ends of the earth to get Ali the medical help she needs. She and jeremy are lucky to have each other. She is lonely. But she will not cheat again. Jeremy just needs to make her feel wanted, needed and loved while he is away. The word DIVORCE should never come out of their mouths. Not ever. I have been married for 17 yrs. I made the mistake of saying it twice. They need to make each other feel special, always. As for Jenelle now she is as immature as they come. How dare she treat her mother like that. That women has always been the constant inher life.

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