'Teen Mom' Leah Calvert Answers Divorce Rumors Once & For All

Leah Messer CalvertThe trailer for season 5 of Teen Mom 2 dropped one bombshell after another on fans when it came out late last year, and the aftermath has been painful for many of the show's stars. Leah Messer Calvert certainly hasn't been immune to that pain. After cameras caught her talking about divorce from husband Jeremy Calvert, the rumors about their marriage have swirled out of control.

With the new season set to start on MTV on Tuesday, January 21, Leah sat down with The Stir to tell us the real deal about her marriage.


On managing a commuter marriage when Jeremy is out of town for work:

I do hold down the fort. I am Mommy and Daddy when Jeremy can't be home. It's hard, and Jeremy has a hard time giving his attention to work and his family at the same time. When he's at work, he feels like that's where all his attention goes to. If I don't talk to him for a few days, I might get upset.

He's still working on how to show me attention as well as work. To me it's really hard when they're working out of town. I hate it.

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If he could find a job at home, I'd be probably 10 times happier, but I know this is what he loves to do so I just want to support him too.

Just got to work through it and keep communicating. I think that's what's best about me and Jeremy is that we always communicate with each other.

Corey and I were horrible at communicating.

On her marriage to Corey:

I believe with all my heart that Corey and I loved each other, maybe we just were not meant for each other. Still to this day I'm sure we love each other; we have kids together. I love him as my kids' father, and I'm sure he loves me and respects me as Ali and Alleeah's mother.

But it finally got to a point where enough was enough. There was too much damage, there was too much hurt.

On the future of her marriage to Jeremy:

I know I've been asked and asked and asked about divorce. It's just something that he threw up and he does it all the time and even thought it's not a good thing to bring up divorce. Eventually, I tell him, it will happen, and if you keep throwing it up, it's like the little girl who cried wolf, you can't keep bringing it up -- he doesn't mean it when he brings it up.

The whole thing with us arguing was about work and stuff like that, but we're fine. I don't think we'll ever, ever get a divorce.


So what was she talking about in that trailer? Looks like we'll have to wait to watch this season of Teen Mom 2 to find out!

What do you think Leah was talking about?


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