Ashlee Simpson Is Engaged to Evan Ross After 7 Months of Dating


Ashlee Simpson has found love again, y’all! While on vacation in Hawaii, Evan Ross (son of Diana) popped the question, and the 29-year-old singer said yes. The two first became public as a couple last July but reportedly have been friends for years.

They both tweeted a gorgeous picture of themselves embracing, with a ring clearly visible on Ashlee’s left hand. Her caption was: “My baby love and I are ENGAGED!!! Hallelujah Hawaii !!!!!” and he said, “The love of my life said YES!!!!!!”

Evan may only be 25, but it seems like he’s been a good influence in Ashlee’s life. Just last year we were worried that she might be on the fringes of going off the deep end, but have you seen her name in any headlines about drunk and disorderly conduct, or rehab, or wardrobe malfunctions, or whatever else may land young divorcee starlets in the tabloids? Do we maybe have Evan to thank for that?

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He’s also apparently ready to be a stepdad to 5-year-old Bronx Mowgli, Ashlee’s son with ex-husband Pete Wentz. The about-to-be-blended family has been spotted out together, and Bronx looks pretty comfortable around his future stepdad.

Wedding news aside, get ready to get more familiar with Evan Ross -- he’s playing Messalla in The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Parts 1 and 2.

Congrats to the two lovebirds, and we wish them nothing but happiness.

Did you have a quick engagement?


Image via Ashlee Simpson/Twitter

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Sarah... SarahHall58

They seem happy. Good for them.

nonmember avatar Kimber

I hope it works out for them. I got engaged after 7 months and never made it down the aisle.

nonmember avatar Hippie Feet

Good for them! My fiance and I got engaged after just a few months, but we've been friends our whole lives.

Mommy... Mommynwife26

My husband and I got engaged 3mths after we started dating, got married after being together a year and a half and have been married for 3yrs come April. It can work! I hope all the best for them!

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

It probably helps that they were friends. I think friendship might be the glue to help relationships last.  I hope this relationship truly lasts!

ninag... ninag1980

My husband and I were set up on a date by mutual friends.  After 3 months,we were engaged.  5 year anniversary Feb 28!  When you know, you know.  I think it also helped that we were 29 and had been on the dating scene long enough to know what we wanted and expected in a spouse.

nonmember avatar Heather

So happy for the both of them, he seems like a good guy, his Mom raised him right I think, Good luck to you both!!

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