UPDATE: Kanye West Accused of Assaulting Teen Who 'Attacked' Kim Kardashian

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kim, kanye1/14/13 UPDATE: TMZ is now reporting that the man who verbally assaulted Kim threatened her with death. "I will kill you, slut," he allegedly screamed. The reality star is now reportedly filing a police report and wants the man prosecuted for those scary threats.

I guess some people haven't heard that if you mess with Kim Kardashian, you will feel the full wrath of Kanye. The rapper is accused of attacking an 18-year-old after he allegedly called Kim a n***** lover. Now, I'm typically not a big supporter of Kanye's over-the-top reactions, but once I heard the details of this crazy incident, I can't blame him one bit for being enraged.

Kim was at a Beverly Hills medical building when she was overrun with paparazzi. According to TMZ, the guy in question tried to help Kim get into the building and then started screaming obscenities at the photogs. "F**k these fa**ot-ass n****rs!" he shouted.

When Kim told him his choice of words was not appropriate, he turned on her. "F**k you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut," he reportedly said. When Kanye arrived shortly after, he and Kim went into the waiting room of chiropractor Richard Hill and found the foul-mouthed kid sitting there. As witnesses tell it, Kanye punched the guy and Kim screamed, "We have it all on tape."

The tussle got so heated that a massage therapist in the office had to jump in to separate the two. Of course the police were called and the 18-year-old reportedly wants to press charges. Now Kanye may be at the center of a battery investigation.

This isn't good news for the rapper who is also facing assault charges for a dust-up with a photographer at LAX airport. But he may get more sympathy for this latest incident. Though violence is never the answer, this guy was asking for trouble by attacking Kim that way.

Do you think Kanye overreacted? Or do you understand why he allegedly did what he did?


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nonmember avatar guest

kayne should come on out to the midwest and he'd probably get beaten senseless,he'd find out realy quick that he is worth about 3 cents here....scumba little punk that he is.

Jai Hutto

I was raised in the South while being a practicing Pagan, I've had disgusting words thrown at me all the time...in front of my child, no less. People have the right to say whatever they want...even if it's small-minded and shows a lack of intelligence. However, that does not give Kanye the right to put his hands on anyone. Neither of their lives were in danger so ignore it and walk away....just like I've done for the past 20 years.

Tina Marie Dunne

Well no it wasn't right BUT I was raised in a time where you'd better watch what comes out ur mouth or know how to fight !! Or at least know how to survive an ass whooping. Lesson learned 4 both I hope . Tit for tat , yin and yang and cause and effect no matter what we call it Karma is a bitch. And her name was Kim cause her man whooped dat azz . These racist types need a smack down. And if he has no scars or missing teeth then it wasn't that bad . He is probably getting paid 4 that ass whooping and this is the 1st time he will get paid , and and I'm sur e he's been a douche his whole life !
Way to go Kimye

nonmember avatar J.J.

As someone in an interracial relationship for 7 years with my now fiancee (as of New Year's Eve! *happy dance*) whose had things like this said to her, I understand the urge to punch the person, I really do. HOWEVER, as an intelligent classy adult, I know that doing so would reflect poorly on me and shift the negative attention to me rather than have it stay on the jerk who says crap like that. You have to take a deep breath, thank God that you're smart enough to realize that soul mates come in all colors, and mentally thank the racist jerk for helping you gain people's respect and making you look good with so little effort on your part! "Kimye" clearly haven't figured this out yet and have somehow managed to make themselves look even worse than they already did when I thought that was impossible...and I used to think Kim wasn't talented!

nonmember avatar J.J.

Oh, and just to add something, I've NEVER had anyone "scream" this stuff me. Either the writer is exaggerating, the guy was provoked (which still doesn't make the racial slurs OK), or the guy wanted the attention...

tiafez tiafez

The words that idiot used are words Kanye uses in his 'genius' music. they are words no one should use, not even Kanye. I do not applaud the idiot who used them but at the same time I see a double standard. 

kmjmlj kmjmlj

He wanted to be hit so he could sue. He knew what he was doing.


They're all trashy. And Kim needs to lay off the plastic surgery/botox.

Yurleen Mae Ford Kickett

That's shame on that faggot calling Kim a nigga lover, that's he's own fault for saying things like that the racist dawg...

nonmember avatar braxton

This worthless thug should be wearing prison orange and so should that useless,coalburner wh#re gf of his.Blacks seem to be very well versed in racism,takes one to know one huh.

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