'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kim Richards FINALLY Stands Up for Herself

Kim Richards You know who I've missed this season? Kim Richards! The former child star who nearly didn't make it off Witch Mountain is back, and I'm loving every minute of it. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the better for her kookiness and I am not alone I'm sure in saying that I applaud the hard work she's done to achieve and maintain her sobriety. Yay, Kim!

She took zero prisoners this episode! Seeing Kim stick up for herself this week was kind of awesome. Ken Todd didn't stand a chance. When Kim took Lisa Vanderpump to task for lying about why she couldn't make Kimberly's graduation party, Ken snidely remarked that Kim had certainly skipped events in her time. 

It was a low blow, for sure! Kim missed events because of her addiction -- Ken and Lisa missed the graduation because they were having dinner at Sur. I'm sure Lisa and Ken were confused as to why Kim was on this fib like on a dog on a bone (or Kyle Richards' dog Roxy on a rabbit). But the truth is paramount to an addict in recovery, and I thought it was awesome to see Kim fight not just for honesty, but to stand up for herself. Three cheers for Kim! In other amazing Kim news, she calls a Brazilian wax "waxing her wiener." Oh my god, adopt me. 

Brandi Glanville and Joyce Giraud have reached a brief truce in their fight. Whatever, this is dumb. Joyce is a drama queen and Brandi is a hostile jerk. They'll never have real peace, because ultimately what they are fighting about is how they really effin' hate each other. That's cool! Don't be friends! I am not friends with many people specifically BECAUSE we do not care for each other. I chose instead to go to my happy place, which was watching Carlton Gebbia get drunk at pole dancing class, get drunk for Kimberly's graduation party, and eat burgers with BGlans on a stoop, burgers which Brandi would later hurl back up into a toilet. 

Did you buy Brandi and Joyce's make-up session?


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Rhonda Comfort

Um Ken and Lisa RSVP"d that they weren't coming so what was the deal about a hairdresser seeing them at SUR having dinner? THEY DIDN"T WANT TO GO!!! Kim needs to go back and follow her twelve steps and has a lot of mending to do for her actions while being intoxicated at their gatherings. And Carlton just needs to go away, She's creepy

Heavy... Heavy_Pipe

I used to like Lisa. Cant stand her or her poodle husband anymore

Also, Team Joyce

nonmember avatar Simonee

Agree Rhonda Comfort; Lisa told her they would not be there and did not owe Kim an apology or explaination. Certainly if Kim wanted one she should have asked before the event not after. Kim has issues with Lisa and she attacked Ken because he took her task. Not because she asked about it but she was being a b**tch about it and pretty much calling his wife a liar. If Kim hadn't gone and on that would have been one thing but she didn't. I think Ken was right on. I agree, Carlton is creepy. They need to x both her and brandi. they are not fun to watch.

Fern Petit

joyce do not trust brandi whenever she opens her mouth venom comesout....

nonmember avatar Molly

I have always liked Kim. She is geniune, and you can tell she has a big heart. She has come a long way, so I am proud of her. I think Ken was just sticking up for his wife, being a good husband.

Now, Carlton... When the season first started, I thought Carlton was cool, edgy and honest. I liked her. Now I cannot stand her. She has become this creepy old lady trying to be young. It is as if she knows something is dead in her marriage and she is desperate to bring it back? Or trying to win back her husband's atraction, attention? Or maybe just a setup for the ratings? Have no idea but it makes her look ridiculous. I have lost all respect in her and it makes me cringe.i just ff all her scenes now. Her scenes are so boring. I know she is not a stupid woman, cause she didn't sound like that in the beginning. Now she is nothing but a freak show. Sorry but she has got to go, and take Drunk Brandi with her..

nonmember avatar Jennifer L.

I agree that Ken and Lisa did not owe Kim an apology or explanation. If they RSVP'd that they would not be attending then it didn't matter if they were in another state or their living room. I'm sure Kim was caught off guard when her hairdreser told them they were at Sur but she should have asked them about it before accussing them of lying. However, it annoys me that Lisa and Ken treat Kim like a dumb junky. Lisa acts dismissive toward Kim whenever she speaks and talks to her like a child. And didn't Ken say last week that men shouldn't get involved in the female drama?
I am completely over Brandi. She is clearly jealous of Joyce for whatever reason and instead of apologizing for her behavior made excuses saying that she says dumb things all the time and Joyce should get used to it. Brandi should learn from her previous blunders and make positive changes. She constantly tells the women one thing and in her interviews goes back and talks crap. It's hypocritical and annoying.

Penny Gotshall Deater

So glad to see Kim stick up for herself "All by herself". I think Kim should have kept her mouth shut about missing the party. They did send a response saying that would be out of town and they did send a gift. Glad Kim is growing some balls!


Chris Cosat

Well, ladies. Maybe the RSVP said Lisa would be out of town and when Kim found out otherwise she called Lisa out on it. Good for her! Tired of Lisa's double standards for her close "dream team" friends getting away with things and those she doesn't care for get raked over the coals!

Norma Starnes Sawyer

So what if someone does not come to you daughter's party, she sent a gift. you don't hunt people down and demand an explanation.  The proper thing to do would be "sorry we didnt see you at the party" and leave it!  Ken should have told her to SHUT UP!  Brandi apologized, it's done, so move on!

Rhonda Comfort

What was wrong with Brandi's mouth in her interviews. Did she do to much Botox in her lower lip or what, She was talking like she had a load of chew between her lower lip and gum EEEEWWWW.

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