Prince Harry & Cressida Bonas May Be on the Brink of a Breakup

prince harry cressida bonasOh no! Just when we thought another royal wedding was right around the corner, The Mirror is reporting that Prince Harry and girlfriend Cressida Bonas' relationship could be on the rocks. According to friends, the couple has been "drifting apart," fueling rumors that the may be set for a split. What's more, the pair was expected to spend this past week together skiing in France, but a source close to the Prince confirmed that the trip never happened. Dun dun daaah.

This is especially crushing considering recent buzz about Prince Harry possibly popping the question this year! But it's possible that those rumors are practically 180 degrees from the real story ...

A source claims, "Talk of Harry and Cressida getting married could not be further from the truth. Indeed, it wouldn't be a surprise if they go their separate ways soon."

And while Cressida comes across as the young, free spirit who you'd guess would be the first one to throw in the towel, "it is actually Harry who has been moving on. He is incredibly fond of Cressida and loves her company, but he has commitments and plans in other areas of his life that could be jeopardized by settling down. It is not what he wants at this time of his life." Wow, huh?

Hmm, well, it's possible that if they do break up, they could still end up getting back together at a later time. That's exactly how things played out between Kate and Wills after all. Either way, though, it's wise for Harry to call it quits if he's truly not ready to commit.

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One of the many tips counselors will give couples who live together or who are around Harry's age and in a serious -- or probably moreso, semi-serious -- relationship is that you need to decide, not slide into marriage. Far too often, people simply advance their relationship from one step to the next, because it's what they feel they're expected to do ... even if they're not completely ready to do it! It seems to follow that sliding often leads to divorce rates keep climbing.

And a very public, messy divorce is definitely not something someone like Prince Harry needs to worry about. (There's been enough of that in his family!) Whenever he does tie the knot, he better be sure. That said, let him take all the time he needs.

Do you believe that Harry and Cressida are set for a split? Do you think he needs to settle down soon or should continue to enjoy bachelorhood for as long as he feels he needs to?



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Heavy... Heavy_Pipe

He doesnt need to "settle down".. whatever that means

nonmember avatar John Riley Gold

Prince Harry has such good taste in women that whomever he marries will be a welcome addition to the Royal family. Cressida's beauty, physical conditioning and special knowledge of the performing arts makes her an attractive candidate.

nonmember avatar Betty Boo

Despite the fact that they love each other if true it's the smartest thing to do for the moment. Who knows maybe in a couple of years it will happen. Good luck to both..

nonmember avatar Lily

It was never going to work because of who Cressida's half-sister is. You know, Isabella Calthorpe, the girl Wills really wanted to marry? Kate knew that and she knew he only took her back because Isabella rejected him.

To be fair and brutally honest, if I were in Kate's position, I would probably be pushing for a breakup too. Also, having a princess whose sister was the future king's lover isn't exactly the sort of scenario any of the royal family wants.

nonmember avatar Belle

I think Chelsy Davy will always be Harry's true love. I hope they find their way back to each other... imagine having a brilliant princess who held an incredible career and knows the value of hard work! They would be unstoppable.

That being said, Cressida fits the public's romantic princess vision a bit better and would be willing to give up her career for Harry. And maybe they are each other's true loves and I'm wrong... in which case, let's hope they find their way back to each other. Kate won't be happy though.

Clare Allcock

Let him sew his wild oats, look at randy Andy he's always been a playboy. Let him do what he wants.

Fondue Fondue

I'm not a fan of hers.  She doesn't seem very "princess-like" to me.  I mean, really, is that a scrunchie in her hair???

mrsary mrsary

Why does he look like an older man and she looks like a teenager? I didn't realize he was that old!

Josée Babineau

Prince cheersHarry is able to decide what is good for his live.... But personally, i think, he should continue to enjoy bachelorhood. He looks so happy doing everything he wants.... If he had met the right woman, he would have changed his way to live his life....

nonmember avatar Macey Morgan

okay...just saying cressida looks like a little fake and harry to fall for her??? well that was a suprise. I think she's only dating him because he's a prince and if he was a regular guy she wouldn't be so keen

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