Dakota Johnson's 'Secret Admirer' Sounds an Awful Lot Like Christian Grey

dakota johnsonWhoa, if new buzz is to be believed, Dakota Johnson's love life off-screen could be getting just as intense as her relationship drama on-screen in Fifty Shades of Grey! Although she is currently dating reportedly "jealous" Jordan Masterson, she had a "secret fling" with much older, 44-year-old actor Stephen Dorff back in 2011. Making things even more complicated: They were introduced by Stephen's on/off again girlfriend, Hollywood publicist Robin Baum, who also represents Dakota. And now, Stephen's apparently infatuated with the young actress ...

So much so that Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson are "trying to protect the 24-year-old." ShowbizSpy.com reports that an insider claimed, "Melanie and Don have gotten wind of Stephen’s advances. And they both think he would be a terrible choice as a boyfriend. ... Melanie and Don have sent him a clear message: Leave Dakota alone!"


Ha, a little bit like Christian Grey, eh?

And adding fuel to the fire: “Right now, things are rocky between Dakota and (her boyfriend) Jordan, and she’s flattered by Stephen’s crush on her." Wuh-oh!

Sounds like this could very well be a totally fabricated tabloid story that's just playing on the Fifty Shades plotline. (Kinda like how conspiracy theorists are hell-bent on proving Kerry Washington's pregnancy fake ... a la Scandal!) Or maybe there's some truth to it ... Either way, let's hope whatever's going on off-screen with Dakota's love life isn't insane enough to distract her from what's most important right now: Bringing Anastasia Steele to the big screen!

Would you believe there's any truth to this? What do you think about Dakota with Stephen Dorff?!


Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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Annie... Anniegrace

She's not attractive at all. Horrible choice for Ana. They really must have been desperate.

peach... peachpies

Christian was attracted to Ana not only because she is beautiful but her innocence and wit. Sorry but pretty sure Christian Grey would not be going for someone who looked like this! Yes Ana's clothes weren't the best, but she was a natural beauty and was fresh faced! Dakota looks too worldly, too experienced, and too old! Look at those under eyes. She isn't even attractive, especially with how they've transformed her into not-Ana. I understand this was a hard role to cast but damn they could've tried harder.

Sin Corazon

Anna is NOT a beauty in the book! ....Katherine Kavanaugh her roomie is the beauty....and Anna was dull. I think she is right for that roll ;) That's what made the story even hotter.... Was that he fell for the "normal" girl.... Not the bombshell.

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

Please stop trying to shove this horrible actress down our throats!! She is NOT Ana. This movie is going to be a BIG FLOP!!!

peach... peachpies

@Sin - Yes she is. She's a NATURAL beauty. She has beautiful features that Christian describes out for us. She is described using these exact words in the books: "A babe" "very attractive" "alluring" and "beautiful". Yes Kate is very gorgeous, she is a "glammed up" kind of girl and a bombshell, but all that makes her stand out. Ana doesn't need makeup and fashion, she has flawless skin and pretty, delicate features. Every guy in the books either flirts with her or wants to be with her. Ana is insecure about herself, SHE is he only one who doesn't think she's all that or is beautiful. WOW Ana was FAR from dull! Just because she's a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and doesn't care for makeup? Really? Someone needs to go re-read the books and pay better attention. Like I said she was pretty and had pretty hair too, what they've done with Dakota is hideous. You don't have to be a "bombshell" like Kate to be beautiful.

Laure... Lauren0983

Amen, Peachpies! Ana was a "normal" girl because she wasn't high maintenance, or wealthy, and is easily relatable, not because she wasn't pretty! Ana is pretty. Sin Corazon - are you trying to say that "normal" people are "dull"? You definitely should go read the books again.

nonmember avatar Aquababe

@Sin Corazon you def need to re-read the books! geez, it's as bad as those peeps who thinks Christian is black. Go re-read HAHA. FYI: the black guy is Christian's trainer Claude people!

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