Lindsay Lohan Forgets to Wear Pants But Wow Does Her Hair Look Good! (PHOTO)

lindsay lohanThere are ways we can wear leggings as pants and not have it look like we forgot part of our wardrobe. But when you pair anything sheer with something like looks more shirt-like, you enter yourself into the I forgot my pants club. Christina Aguilera is in it. And so is Lindsay Lohan as evidenced. 

First let's talk about the legs. Looking good, Linds. Love those boots, too. But what in the world is happening with that lace top? It's a top isn't it? Because it sure doesn't look like a skirt. The one thing that could have saved this outfit is if she wasn't wearing sheer tights. A little opaque goes a long way. Still, that hair distracts me. Big time.

I love Lohan as a redhead. Takes me back to the days she showed off her freckles and was sweet in Mean Girls. Those were the days. Despite the no pants infraction, I can't help but still be captivated by LiLo. She looks healthy. Which is really all any of us want. Pants be damned!

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Of course her no pants outing wasn't without some police action. Just before she walked out of what we can assume is her new love's house in London, a cop car was parked outside blocking traffic for a good 10 minutes. They were there to escort her and her red sneakered college student/model boyfriend Christian Arno Williams to wherever it was they were going. (To the store to buy pants, perhaps?)

Looking good, Lindsay. Stay red! Put some pants on!

What do you think of Lindsay's look?


Image via Splash

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kayba... kaybayblee3

At least she's starting to look her age and not like she's 50 here. Must have stopped chasing the white rabbit.

nonmember avatar the4mutts

I look way better

jessi... jessicasmom1

lol funny post .. Lindsay dont care what she wears

Lynette Lynette

I will forgive her for forgetting her pants since she has gone back to her gorgeous red hair. Lol, got to pick your battles!

nonmember avatar BobbieFisher

She looked good for about 5 seconds. What you didn't see was what her hair looked like when she went out last night coming back to the hotel from a nightclub at 3 am, partying the whole time. She's balding on the top of her head from the ridiculously fake hair extensions. In a way - it's irresponsible and dangerous to praise Lindsay Lohan's fake hair. Young girls will try to emulate it and wind up bald and broke.

nonmember avatar herkey

did not see money shot! red is nice!

James McGee

Looks like the stockings at the knees are worn out. Has Bill Clinton been visiting her?

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