Kim Kardashian Upstaged by Little Sis Kendall in Latest 'Butt Selfie' Saga (PHOTO)

kim kardashian booty selfieI long for the day when we can stop seeing photos of the Kardashian sisters' butts. But alas, that day is not today. Keeping the Kardashian tradition alive, 18-year-old Kendall Jenner posted her own "selfie butt shot" on Instagram with the caption: "Barging in on Kim's bootie selfie."

The photo comes just a day after Kim took the opportunity to tell the "truth" about the butt selfie with Blac Chyna that started this whole thing. Well, there is absolutely no doubt that Kim, 33, spends a lot of time next to workout equipment and machines. Maybe in the next photo we will actually see her using them!

Take a look at the head-to-toe in all it's glory below:

Kendall Jenner booty shot

If you want to get technical, this isn't really a Kendall shot but yet ANOTHER Kimmy K shot, and Kendall is just butting in -- haha!

Tell us what you think. I know you have a lot you want to say.


Image via Kendall Jenner/Instagram



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sandl... sandlinmix6

I could care less about Kim & her infamous butt. It's a waste of an article. Let's focus on more important issues.

mizkr... mizkriz73

What is it about kim and her butt shots? I really think they are gross.

Looki... Looking4Truth

I am sick and tired of hearing about the moronic Kardashians.  All they care about is money, fame and being worshipped by the blind and deaf public.  Please NO MORE KARDASHIAN ANYTHING!!!  Oh, and Kim's butt is enormous, and frankly, it's rather ugly.

nonmember avatar Darlene Savage

Who cares what they''re doing, it's nice to see sisters with such an age difference enjoying each other's company!

nonmember avatar Guest

Dear at Looking4Truth I bet you haven't even met one of the kardashians so how do you know what they care about. All you know is what the press makes them sound like ( though I agree with you on the selfie thing). Oh and if you we're to actually get to know one of them in real life then you could talk.

Cooks... Cookster792

Kim your days are over. Step aside and be a mom. Let the youngsters have their moment. 

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