Tori Spelling's & Dean McDermott's Faces Say It All in 1st Photo After Cheating Rumors

tori spellingA week after the cheating rumors went flying and wedding rings were spotted missing, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were photographed together in an exclusive photo, and they sort of looked happy. Tori was actually smiling and Dean was ... well ... definitely not looking miserable.

So what does this exciting new evidence mean?!

The hope is that these two are not acting hastily and are at least talking and trying to work things out. Sources say Tori was pretty upset when she found out Dean had stepped out on her with a 28-year-old woman he met through friends while on a business trip in Toronto.

But then again, it could mean absolutely nothing. Rarely do married couples with four little kids just cut each other off when something like this happens. This probably isn't even the first time they've been together since the rumors -- if they are even true.

It's hard to figure out the fascination with this celebrity couple in particular when there are so many other more annoying or dramatic ones to follow. But for some reason everyone is very invested in what happens with these two and photographers continue to stalk their every move.

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Perhaps it's because Tori 'lured' McDermott away from his previous marriage, some people get satisfaction is seeing the same thing happen to her. Maybe it's because of the "perfect family" image she's tried so hard to parlay into books and reality shows -- whether it's a desire to watch all of that crumble or defy the odds and succeed.

I vote for succeed! And the latest photo, whatever it is or is not, is clearly a mark in that column.

Do you think Tori and Dean will prevail over this latest bump in the road?


Image via Splash News

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Taisie Taisie

"Perhaps it's because Tori 'lured' McDermott away from his previous marriage"

Seriously? Why is society so intent on always blaming the woman? I'm pretty sure that Dean is a big boy, capable of making his own relationship decisions, and just for the record, maybe he "lured" Tori away from her husband? Although, she's a big girl herself, and is also capable of making her own relationship decisions as well. 

It's obvious to me that neither one of them could have been all that happy in their previous marriages, otherwise, neither of them would have strayed in the first place. Truly happy spouses do not cheat on their husbands/ wives.

I do have some sympathy for this couple though, it does seem like the whole country is just waiting for them to fail, so everyone can collectively say "I told you so". Can you imagine having your own marriage in the spotlight like that?

kayba... kaybayblee3

I agree ^^ it takes two.

nonmember avatar Nyghtfall

This writer seriously pisses me off. In the other article it's the victim's fault she was raped, now it is Tori's fault Dean willingly chose to enter a relationship with her, despite already being in a relationship?

Let's blame woman for every transgression that has ever happened instead of, you know, blaming the person who ACTUALLY did it!

funmo... funmommy123

This whole thing is probably a publicity stunt. They are low in cash & need to somehoe get relevant. Cheating rumors will get ppl talking.

hisBo... hisBonus2

The article said that it doesn't know if the rumors are true or not. No article, then?

Lynsey1 Lynsey1

Fun mommy hit the nail on the head! They made this up cause their broke!

kimbe... kimberly12345

If only people would mind their own business!!

sassy... sassykat122

I don't blame Tori anymore than Dean. The problem they have is that they both cheated on spouses in spectacularly public fashion. Dean had a son and had just begun to adopt another child, of which his ex wife went on to do so on her own. Just as with Eddie cibrian and Leann rimes people will always think first of how they got together. Tori and dean have four children together now, i do hope it's either not true or that they can get past it.

eckie... eckielady

Whaaaaaat?  A cheater cheated? Say it ain't so. 

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