The 'Truth' About That Kim Kardashian 'Photoshopped' Butt Selfie

Kim Kardashian butt selfie

North West's mommy is none too happy about everyone calling "photoshop!" on her infamous, bootylicious selfie photo. Days after the photo circulated, Kim Kardashian defended the Instagram shot, tweeting that she is "disciplined and I work so hard" to get her body. She only meant the photo as inspiration to others to show that the impossible is possible. You see! Total self-absorption wasn't the motive behind Kim's gym selfie photo at all! Kim just wants to help!


Kim's comment came in a retweet response to a fan saying they know the "truth" despite the allegations from haters and even some photoshop experts that her two photos (this one with her friend Blac Chyna, and another with a shot of their abs) were digitally altered based on some giveaway clues from objects in the background.


So there you have it. The "truth" is finally out. Oh and P.S. Kim also asks on Twitter that we all sign this petition to help protect our kids from the paparazzi. I ask you, what would we all do without this woman in the world?

Do you believe Kim's reaction? Why do you think she didn't say something before now?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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