Kanye West Can't Expect Kim Kardashian to Take His Name After Marriage

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestThis really isn't all that surprising if it's true, but supposedly Kanye West wants Kim Kardashian to take his name after they get married. Why? Because he's Kanye West, for crying out loud -- which makes him like, the most important person in the entire universe.

Heck, even Kris Jenner thinks it makes sense for him to want Kim to be known as "Kim West." She told Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb that Kanye will probably want Kim to make the switch and said, "Who wouldn't want that? If you're getting married, it's kind of a very traditional thing."

And while it is kind of the norm to take your husband's name when you get hitched -- I'm just not sure this is a smart move for Kim.

I mean, she's Kim Kardashian, for God's sake. She's built an entire brand around her name, so it seems almost unheard of for her to even consider changing her last name from Kardashian to West.

The National Enquirer even reported that she had a solution to the dilemma, which makes a lot more sense if you ask me. Supposedly she's considering going by "Kim Kardashian-West," which is kind of a mouthful, but at least it keeps the name we're all familiar with. But apparently Kanye isn't too keen on that one -- because he thinks ditching KDash for West is the only way to go. (He would.)

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If she switches over to "Kim West," she pretty much loses the one thing that makes her a celebrity in the first place. And since there's no guarantee that she and Kanye are really going to last for the long haul, she's taking a huge risk in dropping Kardashian all together. Oh come on, do you honestly believe these two are going to grow old together? Odds really aren't good. (They're celebs, people.)

And I guess I can understand Kim considering taking Kanye's name for the sake of their baby, North West -- but she can still have her cake and eat it too if she goes the hyphenation route.

Hopefully Kim will make a decision based on what she truly wants instead of giving in to Kanye's demands (if he's actually making them, of course.)

A woman's name is way too precious to be changed unless it's something she's 100 percent sure she wants to do.

Did you change your name when you got married?


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Coles... Coles_mom

Maybe Mr. West ought to take HER last name. Kanye Kardashian. I worked for a doctor once that took his wife's last name. He only did it because the wife's mom was a governor and he wanted the name recognition thing. Beside, West is soooooo common. :)

Heavy... Heavy_Pipe

I wouldnt marry a woman who didnt want my last name, even if was Weiner or Lipschitz.

But can we talk about the elephant in the room, you know, the fact that Kanye is probably more interested in Rob or Scott?

nonmember avatar imani

oooh ilike that

Jai Hutto

Why the hell should she change her name? She's built her entire career off of her name. Kim WEST sounds really boring, anyway. 

nonmember avatar mel

I think she'll take it with no hyphen . Anyone who cares or knows her knows she is kardashian. Anyone who cares knows Kanye West and Kim are together. Kim is too submissive and far too wanting that west last name like her daughter... Also if you haven't heard many many people are really tired of this whole k family ...it might be good to change her last name and give her some distance to the overly exposed kardashian clan.

Ann Tallis

Dump him Kim.  You are looking at a lifetime of doing what he wants you to do not what you want to do. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Baile... Bailey8307

Changing your last name and wanting the same name as your child is a choice and does not make a woman submissive! I'm sick of women talking smack about each-others decisions!! I think it's a personal choice and Kanye should support her either way.

nonmember avatar mel

@bailey8307 - I never said she is submissive SO she wants his last name. I said she is submissive AND she wants his last name. You'd have to be seriously mentally impaired to not see how submissive she is on her show, to him. I never implied that just because she is submissive means she takes will the man's last name. I meant to point out that she is submissive to him and if he wants something she usually wants him to have it. That's a personal thing between them that obviously works, and i am not saying being submissive= taking husband's name.

Plus you are talking smack about what I said so get sick of yourself first lady. You rag on others for what you perceive as talking smack but yet you do so in the same breathe. Follow your own advice before you try to control others .

Todd Vrancic

I didn't, my wife did.  If she wanted the reverse, I would have had no problem with it,

tiafez tiafez

isn't  she already Kim Kardashian-Humphries?

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