Kim Kardashian's Wedding Will Go On Without Her 'Best Friend' by Her Side

Kim Kardashian and Beyonce

I don't know how the hell I would deal if I was Kim Kardashian and planning a wedding. Yeah, she has the headache of figuring out how to fit a gazillion people in one place and sort seating arrangements that involve Donatella Versace and LaLa Anthony. But how on earth does she choose her bridesmaids aside from her sisters? I can't keep all of Kim's "besties" straight if I tried! By the time everything's said and done, the woman could have at least 14 ladies wearing the some Vera Wang bridesmaid dress with small differences alongside her at the alter.

Well rumor has it that Kim Kardashian totally wanted Beyonce as her bridesmaid. And welp, Beyonce straight up said no. According to Star, Kim desperately wants to be close with Bey and asked her to stand next to her on her big day. In response, Beyonce left her a voicemail to decline the offer.


Granted I think this is a bunch of bologna, but still -- if Kim asked Beyonce to be in her wedding and Beyonce doesn't want to be, can you blame her? For a moment, forget about the circus that surrounds the wedding of Kim and Kanye, Hollywood elite. Being a bridesmaid in general is a majorly expensive, time consuming responsibility. Granted, I don't think Queen Bey would be fazed by the whole money component considering her and Jay Z just rented out a theme park for Blue Ivy's birthday party. But still -- she's a busy woman with a lot of responsibilities. If she doesn't have the time to commit to being in someone's wedding, then that's it.

If you ask me, better to say no upfront than commit to something you can't really be a part of. Besides, there are probably zillions of other people that would jump to be Kim's right-hand woman. Blac Chyna, you read for those wedding day backside selfies?

Who would you like to see in Kim's wedding party?


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nonmember avatar mel

I don't believe it .

nonmember avatar J

I believe it. Bey is classy and she and Jay Z are fairly private. This wedding will be none of those, a circus best describes the eye roll worthy affair these two fame whores will put on. Now a private elope on an exotic island, maybe, but I wouldn't want to be a part of this fiasco myself.

nonmember avatar Kelgirl

I don't buy it. There is no way that Beyonce would leave Kim a voicemail. Kim would leak the voicemail to TMZ. Bey is too smart for that.

Allison Flinore

Kim seems like a nice person. Stop with negative comments. I think we all(including me) are jealous of her perfect life. Besides fame and money, she has the best family. They all seem so close, and to me that would be the nicest thing to have. Her family seems awesome. Sometimes when I watch the show, I find myself getting a little jealous as she has the fairy tale life. Most who make it big only get money and fame, but she has a wonderful, supportive family, and a man who is romantic, and adores her every move.

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