Farrah Abraham's Ridiculous Boyfriend Wish List Is Why She's Single


Farrah AbrahamWhen it comes to keeping a man around, Farrah Abraham hasn't had the best of luck. Since the Teen Mom released her Backdoor sex tape back in May -- she's had one notably relationship which has come out as fake. Not exactly a winning track record, eh? Well we may finally know why Farrah's perpetually single: her long list of requirements for her future man. Yep, Farrah has a wishlist of boyfriend credentials that she recently posted on Twitter with the caption "IS THIS 2 MUCH 2 ASK FOR!?"

Just a suggestion before we dive into this, Farrah. Maybe, just maybe, using proper grammar could help you land a keeper.

And now, on to Farrah's list of credentials:

1. Skype with me
2. Surprise visit me
3. Cheer me up when I'm upset
4. Have a good sense of humor
5. Be honest with me
6. Tell me you miss me
7. Take pictures with me
8. Be a dork with me
9. Send me random, sweet text messages
10. Fall asleep with me

Okay. Breathing. As much as I want to rag on Farrah for having such a hilarious list of credentials for her man ... I can relate. Most every woman I know has some sort of list, whether it's actually penned to paper or not, of what she wants in her ideal partner. Although my list's never been written down, I imagine that it has at least two of Farrah's wants on it -- that whole "cheer me up when I'm upset" gig and "be honest with me."

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With that said, though, that list that so many of us have needs to be flexible. In the real world, there's very little chance that women find men that check off every single credential on their list. But when you fall in love, those items won't all really matter. In an ideal partner, you'll find he has qualities and does things that make up for the one's he's "missing." And you know what? I can almost guarantee you that it won't faze you a bit.

Have you ever have a list of qualities and behaviors you wanted in an ideal partner?


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miche... micheledo

I had a list.  Most were non-negotiable.  I had several people tell me it was ridiculous and to 'lower' my standards.

I was content to be single if the guy didn't meet my 'requirements.'  But I actually found someone who did!!  I will never regret not lowering my standards.  So make a list and stand firm on the non-negotiables.  Better to be single then with the wrong guy.

nonmember avatar MelA

I agree micheledo. I have no problem going on dates, but when it comes to who I want to settle down with, there are things on my list that are a must. It's absolutely possible to be with someone who isn't all you want, but I'd have a hunch there would be many kinks you'd have to work out. Best wishes to anyone who has a "list" they stick to. :)

jkp-buff jkp-buff

Actually, her list doesn't seem unreasonable to me. I thought it would include things like "Must be at least 6'3", Must make at least six figures per year, Must have six-pack abs, etc..."

Her list just sounds like a nice guy who treats her right, nothing too specific or restrictive.

nonmember avatar mel

That woman-child hybrid is going to end up A L O N E.

Krystian Kaufold

I agree with everythign but the whole SKype thing. Why

lburgler lburgler

I don't know why I know who this person is, or why I even remotely care. I think she can find everything she wants, but the sex tape and the fake boobs won't help. The latter alone may not be a problem, but bolt-ons raise the spectre of soul-less sex seeking behavior, which we can all relate to on a primal level, but the sex tape makes it seem over-the-top. A nice boy probably will be scared off by these things. There are enlightened men who understand that even nice girls have primal urges, but these men typically have an intellectual bent, one that I'm not sure Farrah--given the current superficial path she is on--would be able to satisfy.

Basically, if you're going to stray into the world of transgressive sex, you need to have the brain power and the chops to make that liberating. A timid fool with clown make-up, fake boobs, and an obsession with teeth whitening, is probably going to wind up used up and chewed out. I'm thinking in a few years, we will hear about how she turned to Jesus, and ran back into the safety of the purity-delusion, but we never know. She could turn out to be stronger than anybody thinks. And that I suppose is what is fascinating about her.

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