'Couples Therapy' Recap: Farrah Abraham & Taylor Armstrong Are a Powder Keg Waiting to Explode

Farrah Abraham Couples TherapyIt's Thursday, and you know what that means! Time to go back into the Couples Therapy compound to find out just how long Farrah Abraham can keep up the "my boyfriend dumped me right before therapy" charade. We didn't get to hear much about Brian Dawe tonight (not that we ever hear his name -- he keeps getting bleeped out!), but we did find out what the cast thinks of Farrah. 

They all seem to think she's nuts! But no one dislikes the Teen Mom quite as much as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong ... which is ironic considering how much the two are alike!

Frankly, it's no big surprise Taylor doesn't like Farrah. Here the woman is sitting talking about how her husband used to beat the shit out of her and put her in the hospital, and Farrah's response isn't to ask her how she's feeling emotionally but to comment that the plastic surgeons did a good job because she can't see any scars on Taylor's face.

Um. What?! Leave it to Farrah to hyper-focus on one of her favorite subjects: plastic surgery!

Then Taylor totally nails Farrah on being uber rude when the whole cast sits down the dinner and the young mom decides to order her entire meal -- from appetizer to dessert -- while everyone is still on the drinks ordering phase! Who does that?

Oh, but how quickly the tables turn! 

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As the night goes on and Taylor gets increasingly blitzed, the Real Housewives star completely loses her shit ... and her credibility. She's nasty to Farrah too her face, looking down her nose at the Teen Mom for her age. She's incensed about the crappy food and heat in her room that she says is too high, and she takes it out on one of the poor staffers, who is trying the best she can to address the problems only to have a drunken Taylor screaming in her face and cursing.

Of course Taylor's fiance, John Bluher, totally enables her and feeds her delusions that the gorgeous home where the whole Couples Therapy cast is camped out is some hellhole, and the duo looks all ready to walk (although sneak peeks of next week's episode show they're on the couch during group, so it's a lot of drama for nothing).

Frankly, I wanted to reach through the TV screen and give both of them a good slap and tell them to wake up and smell reality! 

But it was absolutely delicious hearing Farrah start whining about how rude and awful Taylor was ... because she was right! And she nailed it when she said "I'm not talking about how old you are and how little you've done!"


If Farrah's fake boyfriend wasn't enough to keep this season interesting, the cat-fighting between these reality stars will definitely do it. I can't wait to see how Farrah deals when she realizes Taylor is sticking around.

What else do you think Farrah and Taylor have in common?


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nonmember avatar Zenia

I don't believe anything that comes out of Farrah mouth James Dean was never Farrah boyfriend,I am sure if James really wanted to prove She lying they make contracts. I seen clips of the video and you can tell it cheap professional, note to Farrah if there light and a camera crew in your sexcapies it a porno,Dr Jen has to now the truth a little bit so far the rest of the cast seems to see though Farrah, in Her confection interviews She always look away from the camera,I can't want tell someone else calls Her out

Lia Ramirez

Does anybody else find the way farrah cries annoying?? I thought it would be that one time but it's every time!!! the whispering cry!!! hahahaha

Jai Hutto

Farrah and Taylor are both attention whores. Farrah cries because she's used to using her tears to get her out of shit and she loves the pity she gets when she talks about Sophia's dad. She's never once said that she feels bad for her DAUGHTER who lost a father, it's ALWAYS about Farrah's "heartache". Taylor....well, I've never watched whatever show she's on, but just from seeing her on CT she looks like a major poon. 

nonmember avatar real texas

Im sure it burns Derek's parents up when they have to listen to this fame whore use their son's death to try to garner sympathy & somehow further her joke of a "career". Truth is, they hadn't been together in months when he died. She lied & told him Sophia wasn't his, so he went to his grave never even knowing he was going to be a father. They had a dysfunctional teen relationship, nothing more. This girl would use ANYONE, even Sophia's dead father to get what she wants. Shameless.

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