New '50 Shades' Sneak Peek May Change Your Mind About Jamie Dornan (VIDEO)

jamie dornan dakota johnson kissingThanks to freakin' frigid temps, Fifty Shades of Grey filming has been put on hold. We haven't seen or heard anything since Dakota and Jamie were last seen shooting the bicycle accident scene on the streets of Vancouver in mid-December, and thus, fans have been left to go through sneak peek withdrawal. Boo! But there IS hope, everyone!

Thankfully, more fan footage has hit the web in a big way. A YouTube user Christine B. has uploaded a supercut of four behind-the-scenes clips: Dakota Johnson on her own, followed by several others of the nighttime scene outside of Grey Enterprises in which the couple says goodbye and then Ana drives off, which, okay, yes, we've seen before, but this version is definitely a bit more in-depth. And it may be the most up-close action footage we've gotten yet!

Check it out, and be sure to stick around 'til the last shot, starting at around 1:32 ...

See what I mean? We saw everything from afar before, but this is the closest we've gotten to seeing how Jamie is pulling off that Christian Grey cooly calculating, rough-around-the-edges but emotional demeanor. That burning, longing stare as Ana drives off! Whoa, hot. And surprisingly so.

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At this point, I'm pretty sure most fans are board with Jamie as Christian, but there's still a bit of skepticism about whether or not the actor will truly embody the tough, powerful, sexy as all hell persona E.L. James dreamed up. But the more we see -- and the more up-close action we get -- the more it seems like the answer to that is a resounding YES.

What do you think about this footage? Do you have confidence in Jamie's portrayal of Christian Grey?


Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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nonmember avatar Edna

WORST CHOICES EVER. Movie guaranteed to suck.

Amanda Tea

it doesnt matter who they one would be happy...i personally will be seeing this and giving the movie the benift of the doubt. but that's me lol. 

Laure... Lauren0983

Amanda - it's not about people's favorites being chosen, yes we all pictured different people, but had they went with actors that were both talented and resembled the character descriptions in the books, no one would have room to complain, but they didn't do that at all.

Laure... Lauren0983

This is such crap. The scene with Ana's car is supposed to be at the hotel, not his office, with them talking while the valet gets her car. He gives her his coat, notices her "death trap" of a car, and she gives him a long kiss on the lips because she thinks that may possibly be the last time she sees him because she isn't sure if she can do what he wants. Its an emotional moment in the books. They totally butchered this scene! The cast for these roles are awful, the transformations (especially Dakota's) was another complete fail, and now the scenes are being altered. So lame. 

nonmember avatar Blabber_Mouth

So super stoked about Jamie Dornan, he is an excellent actor, and drop dead gorgeous!! And Dakota Johnson is growing on me. Give these actors a break, and be happy the recast the first actor, because that would have been a huge mistake. And if they have to change some of the scenes, that's not a big deal. I say the casting so far is awesome!! I'm more worried about the directing.

Billie Bj Hooper

Blabber I totally agree with you!  I think it'll be great!

Liz Young

They dind't listen to the people.  And for that there are going to be concecuences.  I will go see it, God willing.  But is not going to be to every one's expectations.

nonmember avatar wynzdey simon

I wasnt happy at first about who they cast for Christian and Ana but hey everyone has their own Christian and Ana in their heads. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have really grown on me and the scenes ive seen so far have been really good although some of the detail is a little off but everyone needs to keep in mind that the sneak peeks we do see is only a very small portion of the movie therefore fans shouldnt critize it just yet.

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