Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev's Weirdly Hot Kiss Shows They Belong Together

nina dobrev ian somerhalderDuring the 2014 People's Choice Awards, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder proved to the world that they should have never broken up in real life. Whilst on stage to accept their award for Best Chemistry, the former couple joked about their once hot and heavy relationship, and I dunno, they just generally seemed adorable and like they should still be an IRL couple.

Check out their speech in which they hilariously, and surprisingly unawkwardly, talk about the fact that they're still dating on The Vampire Diaries, but not off-screen:

Okay, so it's not necessarily their well-rehearsed back and forth on stage that makes me think these two incredibly attractive people should still be dating, but the kiss Ian gives her at the end. Cheek kisses normally aren't defined as "hot" in my world, but that was a pretty hot cheek kiss right there. Damn you, Nina, why didn't you turn your head!

Perhaps, in a few months, on a day when both Nina and Ian are feeling lonely, they'll decide that breaking up was a bad idea, and they'll run, arms outstretched, back to one another. And then someone, somewhere (maybe me, maybe in New York) will give them an award for Best Offscreen Chemisty. 

But until then, we wait ...

Would you like to see Nina and Ian get back together?


Image via CBS

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nonmember avatar CC

Oh leave it go. It's been eight months. They have both accepted it and moved on. It's about time the fans and media do the same. No wonder Ian hides his new squeeze, everyone is nuts. You know they were up on that stage to accept the award for Chemistry, I wouldn't expect any less from any TV couple that won.

nonmember avatar Taki

I will always love Nian and I hope that they'll find their way back to each other. For now, I'm just happy that they're friends and there's no bitterness. Of course, if nothing ever happens again, it is what it is.

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