Kris Jenner's Sexy Bikini Shot Has Us Doing a Double-Take (PHOTO)

Kris JennerWell hellooooo hot momma! It's pretty common these days to hear about Kim Kardashian and her smokin' hot bikini bod or catch photos of Kourtney poolside with Mason and Penelope. But another Kardashian is flaunting some skin today, and it's not who you might think. Say hello to Kris Jenner in a teeny black bikini, poolside! The Momager posted the photo, where I swear she looks JUST like Kim, to her Instagram account earlier today. It's the lead pic on a photo montage from Kris' 2013, which she appropriately captioned: "celebrate life."

Guys, Kris looks good. Like really good. Like I know it's easy to rag on the woman for being such a control freak over her kids' lives, but you've gotta admit: she works hard, and it shows.

See the sexy new bikini photo of Kris, here:

Kris Jenner

I don't know any woman at Kris' ripe age of 58 that I could confuse with a 33-year-old. Just saying.

Kris is constantly on-the-go when it comes to slaving over what needs to be done, who needs to be where, and getting her family into the best of the best opportunities. A woman who is controlling that much chaos (or attempting to, anyway) deserves a little breakski -- which is clearly what she was doing when she had someone snap this steamy photo. I say if she wants to show it off to the world, well then, who are we to judge her?

Check out the rest of Kris' year in review, here:

What do you think of Kris sharing this sexy photo?


Images via krisjenner/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Mike

Photo shopped...just like Kim's photos

Judy Tarver

Are you kidding me?   so much photoshop ....  i am dying laughing

Taisie Taisie

The pictures look great, but I'm with the others who say it is photo shop. I believe she may actually be that thin, with nice curves and all (hey I'm 47 and I'm that thin and curvy) however, she's had oodles of kids, I don't even know how many? 4? 5? Where are her stretchmarks and extra skin? I  have them! Oh, I know, not everyone gets them, but still, I don't buy that she's had all those kids and naturally looks like that!

Mitte... Mittens333

I don't know if it is a photo shop or not .

But Anyone who lives a Luxurious lifestyle free of stress and worry might look like that cause they have the opportunity to workout and eat the healthiest food available .  

nonmember avatar babs

yep, it's photoshopped and she probably lost weight due to worrying about her own show going kaput/ people be getting tired of all this kardashian saga

hexxuss hexxuss

Photoshop, and I think I threw up in my mouth a little.  She needs to stop being such an attention-whore.  It's vile.

adamat34 adamat34

0Sh needs to pray...this poor soul needs Jesus. Shes 159

nonmember avatar Martha

Thank goodness for photoshop! Also, I think she needs to stop competing with Kim..she is more dysfunctional than her kids!!

krist... kristin_1984

I do think that this photo is photo shopped, however, just because she has 6 kids, don't mean she has stretched skin and stretch marks. I have four kids and have no stretch marks and no saggy skin....

nonmember avatar Darlene

Can we say "photo Shop?"

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