Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott's Marriage Is Looking More & More Doomed

tori spelling dean mcdermott instagram new yearIf Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's recent split was any indication, the Hollywood gossip mill doesn't necessarily spawn total lies. In other words, where there's smoke, there's usually some sort of fire ... And in the case of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's rumored marriage troubles, it is beginning to sound more and more like the D-word really could be on the horizon. Ugh!

In the wake of buzz that Dean cheated, a source tells E! News that although Tori posted this happy snap to Instagram on New Year's and the McDermotts recently moved to a new house together, "Dean hasn't been seen at the house very much. Right now he hasn't been there in several days." Apparently, they've been living separate lives.

And it gets worse ...

A friend of the couple told Star magazine, "Dean wants a divorce and has for some time, but Tori is holding on for the sake of her business and her public image. Her heart is breaking, and she is at a loss for what to do." Their main issue is supposedly that “Dean is a sex maniac and constantly wants to have sex with her. But Dean, who does love sex, has shared with a friend that he doesn’t want to have sex with Tori. They have not been intimate for more than a year and that alone has torn her up completely.”

Ouch. Sexual incompatibility really can be a death sentence for a marriage, so I could see how if this is true, it could be straining their relationship. But the whole bit about Tori only trying to make it work for her "public image"? That seems a little contrived and harsh. Maybe she's just trying to figure out how to make it work?

And at the same time, a friend of Spelling's recently told People the couple has "always been adamant about staying together. I don't think they feel divorce is an option."

Wow. So really, who KNOWS what's going on, but obviously, there is some sort of trouble in Tori & Dean Town. And that's such a bummer! I've always rooted for her, for them -- but now that they have such a big brood, I want to see them make it work more than ever. Doesn't it seem like Tori's been through enough already -- with her own family dysfunction, first failed marriage, all the nastiness surrounding the beginning of her relationship with Dean? Ugh, so sad.

I really hope they figure it out and heal their marriage ... But if even a bit of this goss is true, I have to wonder if their problems are too far gone for there to be much hope at all.

Do you think Tori and Dean are headed for divorce?


Image via torianddean/Instagram

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nonmember avatar lilah

She didn't have a problem divorcing her first husband, but it's probably harder to start over with 4 kids. Also she's a hideous no talent so that's also a factor.


Say it ain't so!

nonmember avatar Tara

How a relationship begins is usually the way it ends.

It began with lying, cheating and leaving other people hurt and abandoned.

Tori left her husband. Dean left his wife and children.

His x wife was blindsided.

Now, Tori is blindsided.

There are men that love you and are good husbands and fathers.

Then, there are men, that are exciting lovers and captivating dates.

Dean doesn't seen like the guy that is in s relationship completely.

They have tried to hard to make this relationship work. It shouldn't be this difficult.

When a Woman makes the choice to become a Mother, her children are usually their main priority.

When you are married to a great man who loves you they understand that becoming a family means that it it not only the two of you and you make alone time together.

Maybe, the reality cametas and the d list fame and lifetime movie gigs kept Dean around and blinded his wandering eye for a while..

Unfortunately, Tori is left with all the responsibility and a press mess to clean up.

Hey, I think Tori having a reality show going through a divorce would be a healing experience and a great success.

You can not tame a tomcat..

nonmember avatar katherine

tori is lucky that she found out about the affair this early in the marriage

nonmember avatar Margo Kindle

I wish Tori would of fall in love with a better man, never liked he seemed to be trying to hard to look like all American husband and dad NOT! I do think Tori comes looking as real on her shows - it's been reported she has a med problem takes a lot pain pills

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