Kristen Stewart Hangs Out With 'Girlfriend' So She Must Be a Lesbian

Kristen StewartDamn. Can't a girl catch a break these days? Now that it looks like the chances of a reconciliation with Robert Pattinson are dwindling -- there are rumors going around that Kristen Stewart is a lesbian.

Yep. Apparently the fact that she was spotted hanging out with her friend Alicia has some folks speculating over whether or not she's decided to give up on men altogether. You know ... because there's absolutely no justifiable reason why Kristen would want to be friends with a female other than getting romantic with her.


And no, you aren't imagining things. A little less than a year ago, there was talk about Kristen dumping Rob for a woman, so this seems to be kind of a trend for her when she's single. (I mean people saying she's a lesbian, not that she's actually into dating women.)

Gah. I know she's rich and famous and all that jazz -- but I'm thinking it probably kind of sucks to be KStew right about now. Every day, there's a new report about her getting back together with Rob, not speaking to Rob, being heartbroken and crying over Rob -- and now finding comfort in the arms of a woman because she's so upset about their relationship being on the outs.

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Why isn't she allowed to have female friends who are nothing more than friends like every other 23-year-old? Why do some people assume that just because she and Rob haven't been seen together in a while automatically means she's decided to switch teams? I'm sorry, but I really think we need to cut the poor girl some slack. Celebrity or not, she should be able to hang out with whomever she damn well pleases without all these wacky stories being made up about her love life.

And on the off-chance she is getting flirty with this Alicia chick? Who cares?!? Whom she is or is not dating really isn't any of our concern anyway. (Unless it's Rob. Then we just can't help but want to stick our noses in her business.)

Do you honestly think Kristen is a lesbian?


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