Farrah Abraham's Fake Boyfriend Reveals Just How Much He Dislikes Her

Farrah Abraham's boyfriend Brian DaweIn case you haven't gotten the idea that Brian Dawe really does NOT like Farrah Abraham, get this. The Orlando DJ who outed himself as the Teen Mom star's fake boyfriend just as she was ready to appear on Couples Therapy without him has come out with another shocker.

Not only did Dawe walk away from Farrah and open himself up to be mocked on national television, but the guy who posed as the reality star's boyfriend just to get her a gig on the VH1 show has now 'fessed up to the payday he walked away from! Are you ready for this one?

Dawe was initially set to make $15,000 if he actually appeared on Couples Therapy! But then when he backed out, he says the producers actually offered to double it!

Got that? He could have made $30,000, and he walked away from it!

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I don't know about you, but I actually respect him a little more hearing that he was able to walk away from a payday that large.

This isn't to say he's some big winner -- he did, after all, agree to try to defraud the show and basically lied to the world at large. He's not a babe in the woods here. But when you consider what he lost when he backed out, there's something to be said for Dawe's last-minute change of heart.

It also sends a major message to Farrah ... or it should, anyway! She's a beautiful girl, and clearly after her porn flick, there were plenty of guys lining up to, well ... you know. But Dawe just couldn't do it. He was so uncomfortable with being her boyfriend that he actually walked away from $30 large.

Ironically, this just makes me MORE curious about how the rest of Couples Therapy will play out. Farrah may have made a mockery of the show, but her drama is only making it that much more fascinating.

Are you watching Couples Therapy? How does Dawe's salary claim make you feel about the show?


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nonmember avatar Kate

I actually like Couples Therapy because I think the therapists are real and dish out some serious tough love. I cannot, however, stand that sorry excuse of a mother/person called Farrah. She is disgusting, a fame whore, and I think her child is in an incredibly unhealthy environment being raised by her. She has no depth, and seemingly no maternal instincts. She's hateful to her parents, cashes in on anything she can, and has no problem who it hurts in the process. All that being said, I'm sure half of her bad attitude comes from losing the father of her child. That's got to do some serious damage. I hope SHE gets the help she needs(whether in Couples Therapy,or preferably somewhere private away from cameras!)so that she can find some peace in her life and raise her daughter to be a kind, humble, productive member of society.

Danielle Mouw

I can't stand Farrah, but I would pretend to date her for 30 grand! I could pay my house off lmho!

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