'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Aria's Hots for Ezra Make Her Blind to the Truth

Pretty Little Liars You know it's Tuesday because since I awoke this morning, I've been rolling about the alleys of Brooklyn singing, "Got a seeecret, can you keeeeep it," in a wavering falsetto. I'm like the alley scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's but all alone, not basically a prostitute, and also there is no cat. Moving on.

Do you have your eyelash extensions and off-beat pop-cultural references primed? Lucy Hale's unfortunate country twang and I sure hope so! Why's that? Because Pretty Little Liars IS BACK! There's a lot going on, and the girl-gang spent the first 15 minutes or so getting us back up to speed while glaring at Ali's non-grave in a stylish crypt, slender arms crossed and scowls firmly in place.

Everybody's reeling because Ali's back from the grave and also Caleb is a ghost. Confession: I have not been watching Ravenswood. I am assuming he is a ghost because that makes this episode INTENSELY interesting. It was either infer he was dead or re-imagine the role as played by Ellen DeGeneres. Pick your adventure, gentle reader. I went with ghost, because the idea of Ellen dumping Hanna was more than my heart could take. That's right, Caleb's Ghost and Also His Hair dumped Hanna. He was like, "You don't understand, I've got my own show, and I guess it's doing okay, so I've got to weep in my car -- provided ghosts can weep?" Hanna huffed and puffed and then presumably blew James Franco. 

Spencer and Toby('s hair -- seriously guys, the man-hair on this show) went head to head with a major medical corporation to prove his mom didn't off herself. It was like if Enlightened had starred Annie from Community. In other words -- the greatest.

But the real cake (cake, cake, cake, cake) this episode had to be Sketchy Ezra. Second only to Sketchy Mona trying to get him to enlist her as a new assistant in evil doings. I know it's ultimately going to be a long-winded red herring, but Ezra being all wild-eyed and insane and assigning side-eye worthy books for the class to read and possibly keeping Ali locked in his basement -- it's my new favorite thing.

What can I say? I love a bad boy. I have a framed photo of Buffalo Bill beside my bed to enjoy in my private time. So does Aria. She cares not that suddenly her on-again, off-again English teacher has forgotten how to blink -- sister-friend just cares that they've got their own bang shack rife with paintings of trains, never mind who is buried beneath it. 

Do you watch Ravenswood? Should I be watching Ravenswood? Is Caleb a ghost? Do they at least explain his hair? Also, do you think Ali's mom knows she's "back"? What about the other missing girl -- connected or a fluke? Share, share, share! I want every single theory. For my files. 


Image via ABC Family

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Kattey Kattey

Dude, I tried, but I cannot watch this show. Last summer my cousin stayed with me (she's 13) and she was hooked on this on Netflix. The few episodes I saw with her made me so ragey. The characters are seriously stupid. I don't think they have an intelligent thought between them. It's just one awful decision after another, one stupid plan followed by another stupid plan. I really don't see the appeal.

Kency09 Kency09

Caleb isn't a ghost. On ravenswood, he's friends with a ghost. The "ghost" is Miranda from the mid-season finale of PLL. She died and is now stuck in a purgatory-like state. The reason behind that is the plot of Ravenswood.

Caleb broke up with Hannah so he could go back to Ravenswood to investigate things there, without her becoming involved (because R-wood is a freaky deaky place! !). He says he did it to protect her, but viewers are getting the idea that its because Caleb is in love with miranda The Ghost.

Check the show out- it's a pretty good paranormal relief to the teenage drAma on PLL!

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