Wendy Williams' Bikini Pic Will Leave You Speechless


wendy williamsWhen I hear the name Wendy Williams, several things come to mind. She's undeniably brash and her tell-it-like-it-is personality is incredibly entertaining. That is clearly what makes her eponymous talk show such a hit. But one word I NEVER associate with her is HOT. Well, after her recent Instagram pic, that will change.

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While on vacation, the talk show host sported a teeny, weeny bikini and looked incredible. Yes, incredible. She is in the middle of azure blue waters and not shy about showing off her fantastic-looking shape.

The caption accompanying the photo reads: "I know it's FREEZING, but I'll be BACK TOMORROW with all NEW SHOWS and JUICY, JUICY #HOTTOPICS...get ready...I AM!!! Happy New Year!"

Hmm. I think it's safe to say that she is the hot topic of the day. Not sure what she is doing to be so fit and trim, but whatever it is, she should keep it up. Perhaps the Dancing With the Stars alum is still busting a move.

Though, her physique isn't the only newsworthy tidbit. Check out her fab new 'do. Wendy usually sports big, voluminous wigs, but for this trip, she opted for an incredibly chic hair piece instead. She looks fantastic.

What do you think of Wendy's sexy pic?


Image via Wendy Williams Show



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mompam mompam

I'm not sure that's her. I need to see her face. I think she's bustier. She's very open about having had a tummy tuck and breast enlargement.


I'ts her. I recognize the ink around her waist.

Annie Morris

That is not wendy I did a very very closeup nice look alike but not wendy

Daniel Cordova

Whad..Da..Fauc...Anybody get da license of that truck...how'd they get those bikinis on those Bucks...whats with all that cottage cheese on those legs and aisses...are we in the dairy or meat section?? Butchers couldn't have that much meat on sale. Watch it... Will err..Wendy....if that bottom splits..Derek Jetter could get a home run with that Bat of yours.

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