'50 Shades' Filming Changes Locations Again but This Time It's a Good Thing

Dakota Johnson Jamie DornanSheesh. This stupid polar vortex is a buzz kill in more ways than one -- and now it looks as though it's even having an effect on Hollywood. Due to the frigid temps up north, shooting for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is set to move to Miami from Vancouver.

Yes ... Miami. As in Florida, which isn't anywhere remotely close to Seattle, where the book version takes place. According to a source who spoke to the Global Post, "The downtown Miami skyline looks a lot like downtown Vancouver."

Um, yeah ... ok. I guess it does? I've never compared the two ... but it's entirely possible they somewhat resemble each other.

Supposedly filming will take place there for a couple weeks, and then production will head to the Canary Islands to film Anastasia and Christian's honeymoon scenes in February.

And while I guess it really isn't that big of a deal that we're basically being duped into thinking the movie is set in Seattle -- it will make it a little more difficult to buy into the authenticity of the whole thing. Although, you can't blame 'em for moving. The last thing they need is for Dakota Johnson or Jamie Dornan to wind up with a nasty case of frostbite.

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Sure ... plenty of movies are filmed either in studios or on sets, or in different locations than where the flick is happening on screen. But how are they going to pull off gray, rainy Seattle days with the sun beating down on the streets of Miami? Hopefully they'll at least be smart about it and won't accidentally snap a palm tree or two in a shot.

And I guess most of the scenes that will have people glued to the screen are all indoors anyway, so maybe no one will even notice if Ana and Christian are sweating like a couple of pigs outside his building.

Do you think it matters where Fifty Shades is filmed?


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Lucia Flora

It really matters to me. Downtown Vancouver (even Seattle) does not look at all like Downtown Miami. I know that because I live in Vancouver. I would have prefer for the production to actually film the scenes in the real cities. They were already in Vancouver, Canada...WA state is pretty close to that city so why not just come here instead of Miami?

nonmember avatar samantha

This movie is going to be bad. It says a lot about the books and script when a book series will be told in one movie. 50shades should never have been made! Charlie hunnam made a good choice when he backed out of the project.

Ashley Frigstad

downtown miami? Really? is everybody really that cold to shoot there? if they shoot in Vancouver it's a closer call to Seattle then Miami! Plus I am confused they said Three films not one film?! what the hell is GOING ON?!?! I know I shouldn't be invalided this much, but come on!!

Laure... Lauren0983

This is false news. They're in Vancouver right now, they're not in Miami nor are they going. These rumors have been shot down already too about the honeymoon scenes. EL James said on Twitter (and she's said this before), "3 books, 3 movies" that is if the first one is a success. So they're not filming honeymoon scenes. I really don't even care about this film anymore though. It was all shot to pieces for me as soon as the cast was announced. Dakota is an awful choice for Ana and obviously they were in desperate need of an actress after their original choices couldn't commit. Such a mistake to cast her. And Jamie looks puny next to tall, old looking Dakota. They don't resemble the characters in the books at all. For me that ruins it and I'd rather just stick to the books.

peach... peachpies

Very unhappy with the cast. Dakota Johnson isn't the beautiful, petite, doe-eyed Ana and she looks more like the dom! She would've been better off playing Leila Williams or even Ana's mother. Lord knows she looks old enough. Oh and your source for this article is wrong. EL James has been posting pics from Vancouver.

nonmember avatar overtheclaws

I'm personally over all the complaints on the casting. Dakota is the same age as Ana would be now. There were no other actresses that could pull this off and bravo for her to take a risk. There wouldn't be a problem with casting and people pulling out of the roles of it wasn't for obsessed fans thinking that everything should be like the book.

The actors people wanted were wrong for the role talk about being old. I would rather watch these two. This is the same crap people pulled on twilight, complaining cause they weren't getting their way. People are actually calling for casting to be redone, which would be a horrible move financially and get the movie release date bumped up again.

As for where they are at, they can do amazing stuff with a computer remove stuff from the screen or add a tidal wave or a flying shark. Shoot they filmed some of titanic in a kiddie pool.

These rumors are also being released to get us talking, guessing, and awareness of the film high. Best way to get people talking is controversy.

Terri Herstad

So basically, Miami and VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON are two completely different cities. The skyline of Miami may resemble the CANADIAN Vancouver, but not the Vancouver that is 4 hours SOUTH of SEATTLE. i have no idea why they were filming in Canada, unless the goal was to make sure viewers catch a glimpse of Starbucks on every corner. (Vancouver, British Columbia has more street side Starbucks in the downtown area that Seattle, where most are located inside business towers). i guess they expect people to be ignorant of the background set completely.

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