Courteney Cox & David Arquette’s Divorce Takes a Turn for the Bizarre (VIDEO)

People talk a good game when it comes to remaining on civil terms with their exes -- but, let's face it, if you didn't want to remain married to the person, chances are things are less than hunky-dory. People usually don't get divorced because one person left socks lying around. They do it because the damn socks are a culmination of a bunch of awful crap. But nowadays, you're not only seen as a failure if you get divorced -- but if you don't looooove your ex afterwards too. Pishaw on that! But then you have couples who really, somehow, make it happen. Or at least you have one couple. That couple is Courteney Cox and David Arquette. And their latest show of barfingly mature behavior is one to behold.

Since David and Courteney quietly, and nicely, and oh-so-civilly, got divorced, they've made it clear how close they still are. Courteney showed up in the audience to cheer David when he competed on Dancing With the Stars. And she still refers to David as her "best friend." In fact, she said she "appreciates him more now than I ever did." What the hey? Why'd these two bother to get a divorce?!

But hold your hats. It gets even more nauseatingly civil. Courteney and David and their 9-year-old daughter, Coco, recently had dinner together with -- David's new pregnant girlfriend. In fact, it was Courteney who revealed to everyone (on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show) that David will be the father of a little boy this time. "I hope I'm allowed to say that," she grinned.

As for how she feels about David about to be a dad again, she told Ellen:

At first she was nervous because you know it’s a big deal. At first, I was nervous, I was like woo, heavy. But just like a typical Hollywood modern family, they're all friends. Now it’s great and we actually all had dinner the other night. The whole family. It’s a very unique relationship. All of us like literally, me and Christina and David and Coco. It’s great though.

Well, I'm glad these two have so much maturity. It balances out so many other people. In fact, if there's any maturity in the world right now, I'd bet 90 percent of that is all David and Courteney.

Are you still friends with your ex?

Image via Ellen

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nonmember avatar Me Too

You misspelled her name in the title. WOW.

nonmember avatar mel

I don't know how they do it but if i could stand and applaud for them i would. I wish she would dish on how she felt and how she got through it, instead of telling us how it's all gravy now. We need to know how it got there !

nonmember avatar Erin Leigh

I am still friends with 6 ex-boyfriends and my ex-husband. To get past my anger and sadness over divorce, I wrote a VERY LONG letter to my ex with no intention to send. I let er rip with what I wrote. Before I was done, I had discovered ways in which I screwed up also. Lesson learned. The letter and praying for the resentment to go made us friends within a year after divorce. Really. Ya gotta let go. If it's over it's over. I don't think of it as a failure...just another part of my life. He's a good guy...but I'm glad we're not together and I'm sure he is too. Hehe.

nonmember avatar Erin Leigh

I just wrote. Forgot to mention, when I got divorced I was no spring chicken so don't mistake me if I sound like I have a 20yr. old attitude of la tee da who cares? I DID care! It broke my heart. And I cried till I didn't think I could cry anymore. Forgiveness was key to me.


Bruce Willis and Demi also seem to have a good post divorce relationship.

nonmember avatar Christi

I'm actually very good friends with my ex-husband and my ex-partner of several years. Sometimes people realize they aren't right for each other and separate before it devolves into something ugly. The ex-boyfriend and I see each other socially, sometimes with his current live-in girlfriend, and sometimes alone. We have the same sense of humor, come from the same part of the country, and he's the person I call in an emergency (like locking my keys in my apartment on the way to the airport). Also, since she doesn't like sports, he comes over to watch football on occasion and we go to baseball games together. Maybe it sounds weird to other people, but we're still best of friends.

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