Kristen Stewart Hangs With the 1 Friend Robert Pattinson Isn’t Dating ... YET!


kristen stewartWhat's a girl supposed to do when her ex starts serial dating all of her friends?!? Following rumors that Robert Pattinson has been seen squiring a few of her pals all around town, Kristen Stewart has been leaning on BFF CJ Romero more than ever. I guess CJ is safe from Robert since he's a guy (though one never knows ...). I'm just glad Kristen can rely on someone to remain a loyal friend.

After all, Rob seems to prefer dating within his and Kristen's social circle, and eventually he's going to run through all the women. He's been seen with Riley Keough, Sydney Lopez, Dakota Fanning, Nettie Wakefield ... the list is growing. I wonder, did they divvy up the friends when they broke up, or has it all just been a game of winner take all?

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Oh I forgot to add: Officially Rob hasn't DATED dated any of these women. He just went places with them. And maybe held their hands. And perhaps flirted a little. You know, standard date-like behavior. But no one will go on record as saying they're dating. Who knows, it could be that millennial practice of going on non-date dates.

Anyhoo, like I said, it's a good thing Kristen still has one friend who hasn't been seduced by Robert Pattinson's charms. It's just not fair that Kristen keeps losing gal pals to the Pattinson Vortex. What about her needs? Maybe she should just stick with her male friends for now -- they seem to be the only ones she can rely on these days.

Of course, one could just as easily spark a rumor that Kristen is dating CJ ... Oops, someone beat me to it.

How do you think Kristen feels about the rumors that Rob is dating some of her friends?


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Caryn Burton

Wow, this one is just too ridiculous for words.  At least you were nice enough to point out that Rob hanging out with women who have been his friends for YEARS and most of whom he knew well before he met Kristen doesn't mean he's dating them.  But, even better, y'all do know CJ ... is gay, right?

Dixie Jewel

You said it ridiculous for words!  The Stir...stirring the shit on a daily bsis!

Julie Mosbrooker

I don't feel good about it at all! Robert is a man prostitute! If he has to there are other women in the world he could feel up and grope! I'm so sorry for Kristen she does not deserve this at all! These women are supposed to be friends of her to I really don't think they are! 

nonmember avatar Moon

Kudos to Adriana for being the first celebrity journalist to bring up 'what about her needs'? I mean really, when are we going to get to the part of online journalism where an author cares about the woman??? It's always the dude's POV - what the man wants. He's an a-hole for poaching her friends. That just ain't cool. But then he's turned out to be no gentleman that's for sure. One walking disappointment coming right up...

nonmember avatar Jamie

I can't be the only one who thinks this guy isn't exactly the white knight he was made out to be? Don't get me wrong, I am not excusing KStew's enormous screw up with that scandal a while ago. But it seems like people used that as a shield against the fact that this dude comes off kind of skeezy at times. Just cause his ex cheated on him once doesn't mean you can't raise an eyebrow or criticize the amount of partying he seems to do and his weird habit of poaching women that were mutual friends.

nonmember avatar Ross

This article is just stupid! CJ is GAYYY. did you understand or do I have to put more 'Y's'. Rob can't go out with a women before all you idiots put them as his girlfriend. I don't know if you're all blind but on those "dates" were more people around them and there's not one single photo that can prove he was flirting with any of them

nonmember avatar mitzy

Ok, firstly I can't believe ANYONE would believe this..he never held hands with these people and some of the girls were his friends first, not that it matters because they are still only his FRIENDS.
God you can't be friends with a female if you are male now? He goes out with friends, paparazzi take his photo with a girl and say he is dating her.

nonmember avatar Bobby

Gooood she dumped this manwhore!!!

nonmember avatar Ann

Any real gossip blogger bothering to write about this subject would know Nettie and Robert Pattinson were friends since childhood, Dakota Fanning is dating one of his friends, rumors about Riley were shot down by her grandmother, and Sydney was seen with a group of friends at a concert, not only Rob. So I guess Kristen doesn't have any other friends she hangs with except CJ? Who are all those other gal pals in pap pix Rob has never dated? And CJ, who says he is gay, is never with a guy, or not when he's with Kristen. Well, if this is only about stirring the shit, and that's what this little article is, can we do a post on CJ really being Kristen's date? Or is this what you are implying anyway? Oh, but that would be 'ridiculous.' No more hits, now.

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