Kristen Stewart Hangs With the 1 Friend Robert Pattinson Isn’t Dating ... YET!

kristen stewartWhat's a girl supposed to do when her ex starts serial dating all of her friends?!? Following rumors that Robert Pattinson has been seen squiring a few of her pals all around town, Kristen Stewart has been leaning on BFF CJ Romero more than ever. I guess CJ is safe from Robert since he's a guy (though one never knows ...). I'm just glad Kristen can rely on someone to remain a loyal friend.


After all, Rob seems to prefer dating within his and Kristen's social circle, and eventually he's going to run through all the women. He's been seen with Riley Keough, Sydney Lopez, Dakota Fanning, Nettie Wakefield ... the list is growing. I wonder, did they divvy up the friends when they broke up, or has it all just been a game of winner take all?

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Oh I forgot to add: Officially Rob hasn't DATED dated any of these women. He just went places with them. And maybe held their hands. And perhaps flirted a little. You know, standard date-like behavior. But no one will go on record as saying they're dating. Who knows, it could be that millennial practice of going on non-date dates.

Anyhoo, like I said, it's a good thing Kristen still has one friend who hasn't been seduced by Robert Pattinson's charms. It's just not fair that Kristen keeps losing gal pals to the Pattinson Vortex. What about her needs? Maybe she should just stick with her male friends for now -- they seem to be the only ones she can rely on these days.

Of course, one could just as easily spark a rumor that Kristen is dating CJ ... Oops, someone beat me to it.

How do you think Kristen feels about the rumors that Rob is dating some of her friends?


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