'SNL' Hires Controversial New Cast Member Who Is Off-the-Charts Hilarious (VIDEO)

Sasheer ZamataSaturday Night Live just got a whole lot funnier -- and more diverse. Sasheer Zamata, 27, part of the New York Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe until recently, will join the cast on the January 18 episode. For her, it's the dream gig. For the rest of us, it's going to be awesome because SNL will be funnier than ever now that they have a proper cross section of society represented.

In the past few months, Saturday Night Live has come under fire for a lack of diversity, more specifically for the lack of an African American woman to play African American roles. When Kerry Washington hosted the show back in November, it was big news.

Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah had both commented publicly about the lack of diversity and made it clear that they were sick of dressing in drag to portray black women. Damn straight.

I am sure some are up in arms that the casting auditions were held for a specific race and gender, but the reality is SNL is one show on which it's VITAL to have diversity in order to properly satirize the events that happen in our country.

It may not be PC to say "we need this race and gender," but let's cut the political correctness for a moment and recognize that it was a ridiculous hole in the cast. It's hardly as though there aren't hundreds of thousands of qualified, hilarious African American women who could round out the show.

Zamata is a great addition and she is going to be hilarious, I am sure. After all, why would they hire her, if not. Need proof? See below (WARNING: It's a little dirty):

OMG. That was funny and totally wild. She's going to be a fantastic addition. Maybe she'll even rev up the show! I am psyched.

What do you think of the new cast member?



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adamat34 adamat34

Wouldnt matter if she is funny or not....they filled their black quota...if they didnt they faced all sorts of.backlash. they did.it because.of pressure.

Mark Cox

actually thats preciously what pc is..we need this...we need that....but glad to see the liberals stop with the racism and sexism and hire a black woman

lulou lulou

its like when a car company chooses a logo that looks like an iud

P Terrance Nels

Now they need an Asian, an American Indian, and a retard (oops, 'mentally challanged').

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

I don't really watch SNL much, but I do think a little diversity in the cast couldn't hurt.

casti... castinghub

Can't wait to see her on TV!

nonmember avatar Mike

She is perfect for Saturday Night Live. I watched this clip and did not laugh; just like I do mostly watching SNL.

Forget getting a black comedian. Get better writers. Unless the show parodies someone; the show sucks. When they did the parody of Kimye; that was hilarious!

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